A screenshot is a fantastic feature for the images and contents you cannot save easily. Almost all computer has a built-in function to screenshot. In this very article, we are talking through some easiest ways on how to screenshot on a computer.

The definitive way to Screenshot on Windows Computer

There are multiple ways we can talk to take a screenshot on Windows platform. Here we have run-down through two simple and quickest ways to do so.

Easy Hotkeys to Take a Screenshot on Windows Computer

  • Firstly, open the document or image you want to screenshot.
  • On the keyboard, press on Windows + PrtScr keys at once. Here, you should notice a shutter on your screen; if seen, you have successfully screenshot to the document.
  • Now, navigate to the “Documents” directory and then to the “Pictures” file. There you will see the captured image.

Alternatively, you can press on the “PrtScr” key and paste the image on Microsoft paint tool. Edit the image if required, then save to preferred local directory.

Use Snipping Tool to screenshot on Windows Computer

The snipping tool is yet another handy application; you can try to capture certain-part of the screen.

Step 1: On the search bar, type in “Snipping Tool”. The search should come up with the tool in any of the Windows computers because it’s a built-in tool by Microsoft.

Step 2: Now, on the floating bar, click on “New” then start clipping the area.

Step 3: After that, the snipping tool brings the image on the screen, and there you can edit the picture. Finally, save the image to the respective location.

The process to Screenshot on Mac PC

To screenshot on the Mac computer is relatively simple. All that matters is you pressing some hotkeys, and then the images are saved to the respective directory.

  • Browse to the webpage of your Mac, which you desire to take a Screenshot.
  • Now, on your keypad, press Shift + CMD + 3 keys at once. As soon you click through the keys, you are ought to hear “click sound” on the screen.
  • Also, press Shift + CMD + 4 keys at once to screenshot a portion of the screen.

Easy Guide to Screenshot on Linux OS

Linux has no dedicated computer that people are using daily. Most of the people use Linux OS on parent Windows or Mac computer. Thus, describing the way on Linux OS should be similar to what we have already discussed earlier.  

Although you can use a built-in dedicated Linux application called “Gnome Screenshot”.