At present, technology has gone to several heights. Almost, everything is now possible with the assistance of technology. Do you know what, now you can see through clothes with a mobile phone? There are many smartphone applications are going viral and with the assistance of those applications, you can able to see through clothes with a mobile phone.

Let us now discuss how it is possible to see through clothes with a mobile phone in simple steps.

  1. See Through Clothes with Body Scanner App

If you are someone that cannot think about your life without fun and prank, then this application is solely designed for you. All you need to do is to download and install the application on your mobile and enjoy the unlimited fun.

  • Once, after installing the body scanner application, you need to turn on your mobile and launch the application.
  • Once the application has been launched successfully, you need to then point out the camera in front of any person, who you want to see without clothes.
  • Now, you can see the person without clothes or just with inner wear on your phone’s screen.
  • The application just replaces the mandatory parts of the body with the picture of the naked human body in multiple inner wears.
  1. See Through Clothes with Girl Cloth App

This is another comical application launched especially to prank girls. If you have more girlfriends and you want to prank them, you can use this application as your weapon.

  • As usual, you need to download, install and launch the application on your mobile phone.
  • Then, you need to pinpoint the camera in front of any person, who you want to prank.
  • The application comes with a human scanner, which will remove certain parts of the girl and replaces those parts with a naked body.
  • With no doubts, this application will give the biggest surprise to you and your friends. You can use this application to render a shock to your girlfriends.
  1. See Through Clothes X-Ray Body Scanner App

This application should be use by people that are either 18 years or above 18 years. With this application, you can make extreme fun out of your friends.

  • This application will enable the function of the x-ray machine. It does the same as what the x-ray machine does.
  • You can x-ray knees, pelvis, chest, and hands. Taking x-ray means that, you can see the naked person on your screen.
  • This application as well as corners the certain parts of the victim’s body and replaces them with the naked images of a human body.
  • This application does two things, which are, you can x-ray the human body and as well as can see the naked human body.


No matter, what kind of see-through clothes applications you are about to install on your mobile phone, but you need to verify the terms and conditions, reviews and ratings of the application for sure.

How can you see through clothes with your phone?

5 Best apps to see through clothes for Android & iOS
  1. Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot.
  2. audery Girl Figure Scanner.
  3. X-Ray Cloth Remover.
  4. X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator.
  5. Body Scanner Camera Xray Prank real simulator.

Can technology see through clothes?

The cameras look like ordinary home video cameras equipped with night vision, infrared technology that allows users to take pictures in dark. But someone discovered that using night vision in broad daylight with a special filter allows the viewer to see through some clothes.

Is there an app that removes clothes from pictures?

Retouchme app to remove clothes from photos is almost like an online game for every smartphone owner. Thanks to its easy interface and possibility to be downloaded to every Android or Apple device, or take off clothes app can permit fast and quality editing.

Is there anything to see through clothes?

Fujifilm have announced that it is releasing a new camera that, among it’s many new features, can see through clothing. The new X-T1 IR has a new function that means it can “see” infrared light which we can’t see with the naked eye. So thin you can often see people’s pants through their leggings even without infrared.

Is there any glasses that can see through clothes?

Yes, however X-ray Glasses does not use X-ray technology. It uses infrared technology, you may call it “X-ray vision” since it can see through some types of material that human eyes can‘t. If someone is wearing infrared pass clothing material, then these glasses will allow see through.

Is there really glasses that can see through clothes?

Welcome to the Home X-Reflect X-ray Glasses the Glasses that can see through clothes. Undetectable X-ray Glasses that you can be very comfortable using. These Xray Glasses can see through some type of materials making it possible to see through clothes that in the same condition cannot be seen by the naked eye.

How can I see through walls?

Do infrared glasses see through clothes?

Tech fans have found it can see through thin plastic (like on a TV remote) as well as black clothing like t-shirts. When using infrared, the camera can pick up a type of radiation that’s invisible to the human eye.

Do Xray glasses really exist?

X-rays themselves, discovered in 1895 by German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen, are not actually used in x-ray glasses. While they’ve been a source of great fun and harmless mischief, x-ray glasses have never caught on with a practical use like 3D glasses have. Even so, x-ray glasses exist as a fun novelty item to this day.

How see through clothes Photoshop Android?

How-to SeeThrough Clothes in Photoshop?
  1. Step #2: Open the Picture in Photoshop. Start by opening your picture which you want to apply the trick.
  2. Step #3: Select the Clothes Area.
  3. Step #4: Refine Edge of the Selection.
  4. Step #5: Copy the Selected area.
  5. Step #6: Adjust the Clothes area.
  6. Step #7: Finalize the image.

Did Sony sell cameras that could see through clothes?

In 1998, Sony accidentally sold 700,000 camcorders that had the technology to see through people’s clothes. In the year 1998, Sony had accidentally sold around 700,000 camcorders that were built with the technology to let you see through the clothes of all those you recorded.