eBay is a major site for selling and buying stuff, and as an individual, you would like to know how to send invoices for the purchases.

It is simple indeed.

Send an Invoice on eBay App

eBay makes it easier to make purchases, and so much so sending invoices to buyers. When you have sold an item, and it is in your orders, you can easily go to that item, and simply send off an invoice as below.

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  • In the seller hub find the item that you wish to send an invoice for, go to orders, and then in my eBay select sold, and then you can find more links.
  • There you can see actions and then select send invoice, and then you get the flexibility to make some necessary changes if you like.
  • For example, you can check the shipping charges, payment methods, and anything else. Then, select send invoice and that is it.
  • Now, this works fine for the website, but for the mobile app, you have to see this article from eBay Community for help.

How to Send an Offer on eBay?

The first thing you should check out before learning any third-party method is this (https://www.ebay.ie/pages/help/pay/checkout-invoices.html) article from eBay help, but, how to send an offer on eBay to a potential buyer?

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  • Every item on eBay must go through the listing process. You can always reply and agree with the buyer on your offer, but you, as a seller, cannot simply send an invoice to a member or buyer, directly.
  • Go to eBay, and then go to my eBay, and click on messages. Now, open the email from your potential buyer, and then click on send an offer directly to the member, which is right at the bottom.
  • Finally, enter the details like quantity, price, and then your custom message to the buyer. Click on submit, and wait to talk.
  • Only, what you can do is talk to the buyer for the agreed price, as you can’t send invoices for items that didn’t sell, and then relist it for the price as opening bid as a single auction, and tell the buyer the starting time and listing number in advance.

How to Send Offers to Watchers on eBay?

Here (https://www.ebay.com/mys/overview) is a good read of eBay’s policies. In the eBay mobile app too, you can find that under the selling it will list the normal things like number of items sold, number of items awaiting payment, and then this relatively new feature, that reads number of offers you can send to watchers.

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  • According to eBay norms, sending offers off-eBay is a complete violation of terms and conditions, and you cannot do that.
  • Alternatively, if you do not have the new feature yet, what you can do is, ask that buyer to place a bid on that item, and then you can accept it through the best offer process.
  • Here is the article that lists the process. Once sold, you can always send invoices to the buyer.


eBay makes it easier for sellers to list items, have auctions and bids and sell the item to the highest bidder. Unfortunately, you cannot send invoices for items that didn’t sell, and without listing them first.

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