Getting a cast hurts a lot, but you will find it difficult to take a bath with it as well.

You need to make sure that no amount of water splashes on the cast or it will damage the caseTry the following ways of showering with a cast.

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How to Shower with a Non-Weight-Bearing Cast?

Non-weight-bearing casts are hard to deal with and you have to take special care of them as well. While showering, you need to make sure that no amount of water reaches the cast.

  • First, get a stool for you to sit on since standing and showering with a cast is risky. Sit on the stool and shower at ease.
  • Second, ensure that you wrap the cast with something that is waterproof so that water doesn’t splash on it.
  • You can wrap the cast with a polythene bag so that water does not reach the cast while showering.

How to Get in the Bath with a Broken Leg?

Taking a bath with a broken leg is hard since there will be a cast over it and you need to keep it dry. So, you should make sure that no water reaches the cast or splashes on it while you take a bath.

  • Sit and take a bath, get a stool or a small table to sit on while taking a bath. Wrap a plastic bag around the cast so that water hits the plastic bag and not the cast.
  • Keep your leg outstretched and away from the stream of water as much as possible.

How to Shower with a Broken Foot?

After getting your foot broken, you will have to live with the cast for a few weeks. During this period, one of the hardest tasks you’ll have to do is showering with the cast.

  • If you’ve been given a wheelchair, you can take a bath in the wheelchair. Don’t step into the bathtub, use a shower that is outside the tub, or use a mug and bucket.
  • Wrap the cast with a plastic sheet ensuring that the whole cast is covered. Then, you can take a bath in a slow stream of water while keeping the cast away from the water.

How to Shower with Crutches?

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Dealing with crutches is difficult and for you, showering for them will also be a tad bit difficult. However, you can use the following ways to shower along with crutches.

  • Before entering the bathroom, make sure that the floor is dry or you may slip. If the bathroom floor is wet, throw a towel on the floor before you enter.
  • Get a stool to sit on and cover your cast with a waterproof material like plastic.
  • Sit on the stool and keep your crutches aside. Now, you can start having a bath keeping the cast away from water.

How to Shower with a Splint?

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While showering with a splint, you need to keep it away from water or it will get spoilt. Make sure that you are careful while showering the splint or you will have to get it changed.

  • Cover the splint with some plastic sheet and duct tape and make it waterproof.
  • Use the duct tape liberally so that there are no exposed parts of the splint. Then sit down and take a shower keeping the splint away from running water.


  • Make sure that you completely cover the cast with waterproof materials like plastic, polythene, and duct tape.
  • Don’t leave any part of the cast exposed to water or it will go bad you’ll have to change it.
  • Keep the limb which bears the cast outstretched and away from running water.

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