Those who have the hunter spirit in them would probably enjoy the adventure spirit of hunting woodland animals. There are permitted forest areas where hunting for the game is allowed and if you happen to catch a squirrel and want to save the skin as a mark of your successful game victory, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Have a Sharp Knife Ready

Working with a sharp knife makes the process more efficient. One should get started by turning the squirrel on its belly. Cut through its tail’s underside about half an inch or more from the base. Once the tail is cut through, slice the skin a few inches on either side to expose more of the body.

  1. Pulling the Hideout

Once the skin is sliced open lay the squirrel on a firm surface and holds the back legs. Step on the skin and tail that has been sliced open and pull the hide from the back legs firmly. This helps to start pulling the hide from the squirrel’s body. As you pull you need to wedge your fingers between the muscles and the hide around the legs. Once the back legs have been made free from the hide, continue by steadily holding the back legs straight. Now you need to take the hide out from the front legs. Pull the same way as the hide was being pulled from the back legs. Work with your fingers to separate the hide from the muscles. When you come to the wrist or feet area you need to tug swiftly to take the hideout and separate it entirely. After the front legs are freed from the hide, continue to work on the back legs and the back till the hide comes off clear and is around the head and neck region. In order to complete the process, you need to cut the head off. Slice the meat off the neck area and then snap the bone.

  1. Gutting the Animal

The next step is usually to gut the animal since you would be removing the skin and eating the flesh. One should start by splitting the hips. Cut by the red line and press on the bone till the knife slips underneath it. You can then flip the animal and look at the hole you made in the neck region. Push in a jaw of the scissors into the hole and begin to cut. Cut down by the rib cage till the sternum is reached. Cut through the diaphragm as well. Once the scissor pops through cut open. The belly flesh is up to the hips. Once the body has been split open the innards are exposed; spreads open the rib cage area and peel off the diaphragm from the inner walls of the body. In order to pop it loose, it is best to press down on the head. Peel off the esophagus and veins from the spine area. As you pull the innards will get detached and come off. Once the innards are removed, if the squirrel is a female, you need to remove the ovaries as well. The animal meat is now ready to be cleaned and prepared for eating. If you are camping out, roasting the meat is the best option with spices and herbs. You could also preserve the hide and frame it up as a trophy of your game hunting campaign. The above steps might need some maneuvering initially but with practice, one can get the skin off a squirrel within a minute or so.