A Christmas letter is used to send greetings to your loved one, friends or relatives.

It is a traditional way of conveying your Christmas wishes to your mates and relativesYou can start a Christmas letter in the following ways.

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  1. Start a Christmas Letter Examples

Writing a Christmas letter for your family and friends is an exciting one. You have to write a letter including your wishes, greetings, happiness, excitement, and more.

  • You should start writing the letter with a positive note so that the receiver will be happy and tempted to read the whole letter. First, share your Christmas greetings and explain how excited you are.
  • Next, make sure to write a short letter. Do not write a letter that contains two or three pages. A short and sweet letter is enough. Convey your message in a crisp and clear format.
  • Write the letter in your own words. Do not use words from the example letter. You can refer to as many letters as possible for checking the format and making it interesting, but you should not include the same thing in your letter. Otherwise, it will look more artificial.
  • Remember who you are writing the letter and make sure to write in the format they enjoy. If you are writing the letter for kids, use easy to read words and sentences.
  • Share your Christmas celebration plan and explain you are hoping to know about their plan too.
  • If need be, you can send photos along with your letter. However, be selective to add photos. If you add more photos, your receiver will be interested to see the photos and do not focus on the letter.
  • Make your letter personal for your loved one, family, or friends.
  1. Choose the Content of Your Letter Carefully

Content is the king of any writing, be it either the letter or document. You have to carefully choose your writing content. Make sure your content won’t hurt anyone.

  • Start with a greeting like happy holidays or merry Christmas rather than using negations such as ‘I can’t believe this or I miss you all’. Negative writing will never bring happiness to readers.
  • Of course, you can write a letter to more than one person. Your content source can be the same, but you have to make alterations according to the person that is going to read the letter. You have to make things easier for them. Add some variations in your letter for professionals, kids, elders, and friends.
  • You can include a short story or poem of your own in the letter. If need be, you can share your past Christmas celebration fun. No matter, what you write in the letter, but make sure to write in your tone.
  • You can share exciting news in the letter, but make sure to not go beyond more than two pages long. A lengthy letter will be boring to read.
  • Include honest information rather than including useless information.
  • To make your letter better and stunning, fill one side of your letter with texts and backside with photos.
  1. Preparing and Sending Your Letter

Prepare your letter by adding some features and make it ready for sending. The following steps will help you prepare your letter for sending.

  • Of course, you are going to type your letter in a word document. You can add some features to make your letter astounding.
  • Make sure to choose easy-to-read colors rather than going with dark colors. Dark color texts can be tough to read at times.
  • If need be, you can download the Christmas layout templates and use them in your letter. 
  • Proofread your letter before sending. You won’t find any mistakes or edits when proofreading the letter immediately after writing, so write a letter and let it stay on your system for one or two days. Then, proofread your letter to determine if any revisions required.
  • Make sure to Sign-In the letter at the end and mention date.
  • Use Christmas themed envelope to post your letter. Make sure to include stamps, stickers, from address, and whatever required, and now post your letter.


Make sure to mention the form and to addresses clearly and legibly. Use a dark color parker pen to pen down the addresses.

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