Is social media being the way to make relationship with others, yes! Snapchat is the app that can do this for you. In this guide, you will learn most effective ways to start a Snapchat conservation.

How to start a Conservation on Snapchat

Before moving to the conservation guide, you must know how to message a friend on Snapchat. To type conservation in Snapchat app, swipe right on camera screen, this will open chat contacts. Now, swipe right on the contact you want to chat with.

You can also chat in groups, for this check the boxes of the friends you want to add to your conservation.

Add the person to your friends list on Snapchat

It is the basic step. The person with which you want to open the doors of communication, add him/her to your friends list.

To add as friend, tap on ghost icon on top left corner and tap on add friends. Search by username if you don’t have other options to go.

Take slow start and send few snaps daily

After adding the person in your friends list, don’t be too hurry in your goals, because it can turn off the things before starting.

Send a snap daily, snap may be of the casual routine or random clicks. Comment on the his/her snaps, this will acknowledge your friend that you are interested towards him/her.

Come up with a nice selfie snap

After some snaps exchange and conservations, take a brilliant selfie and send it to your partner. There are bright chances that you may get response from your Snapchat partner.

If you are lucky enough, you may receive selfie as a response.

Avoid Boring Responses

Always comment and reply something different, like asking for some question in your comments can increase chances for response from your partner.

Don’t overload snaps, comments or conservations

Crossing the limits will not make the things done quickly, rather, you may fall into loss. Chatting for long time, commenting on every snap and things like this will decrease your partner’s attention towards you, if not handled properly. Handling means having chat according to mood of your partner.

Send private snaps

Everything does not need to be done before all the snapchat friends, means not to share every snap with all friends, if you feel that all the things are going smooth and light, you can exchange some words or snaps in inbox.

Ask for video conservation

Now, if you feel that you and your partner are frank enough with each other, you can ask your partner to see his/her face in the video call.

This may impress your partner and arise excitement to meet with you.

How to link bitmoji to Snapchat

Download bitmoji app from play store. Then open Snapchat camera screen and swipe down here, if bitmoji app is installed you will see its icon here.

Tap on it and enjoy exciting emojis.

Use two filters on Snapchat

This feature of Snapchat may be hidden from you, but not now. Using two filters are sometimes better than using one, so to use two filters on a snap, apply the first filter and hold it down with one finger and swipe to add the second filter.

Tip: You can zoom video while recording by moving your finger away from shutter.

Be Patient

People are sometimes busy that they do not have the time to visit their Snapchat. If you send a snap to someone and they could not reply right away, do not bombard them with messages. It may take hours before they could answer you back.

You can send maybe one or two messages or photos. Do not bombard them with messages to get their attention. Many would get annoyed and might ignore you even more. If you want to have a conversation, let it flow naturally. Do not force it.

How do you start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat?

How do you start a conversation with someone you don’t know on Snapchat?

As for HOW to start the convo, just start with a “hey” or “hi.” These are good especially if you don’t know her, because they dont come off too bold or strong. If you‘re going to text her on snapchat, then these are also good starters.

How do you flirt on Snapchat?

What do I call a girl?

Nicknames: Yes, again. One of the main ways to flirt is to give him a nickname. Some good flirty nicknames can also be the kinds where it’s as if you’re calling HIM out on flirting with YOU. Like, “Flirty-Pants” or whatever you want.

Can I call my boyfriend daddy?

Honey bunny, sweetie pie, my boo, my beau—nicknames for boyfriends come in all shapes and sizes.

What should I call my BF?

Daddy” implies that your boyfriend is the dominant person in the relationship. He may like being reminded of that and want you to call him it for that reason. Aside from the sexual meaning of “daddy”, your boyfriend might want you to call him this because he provides for you and takes care of you.

What are some gangster nicknames?

Names Because She’s Gorgeous and Cute
Beautiful Hottie Po-tottie Cutie Wiggles
Dollface Hot French Fry Cutie Cuddles
Dream Girl Hot Sauce Cutie Snuggles
Foxy Lady Cutie Pie Cutie Buggles
Gorgeous Cutie Toes Cutie Bug
Jun 14, 2019