If you are a fitness trainer or exercise lover or exercise enthusiast, then you reckon to start the fitness blog to gain the needed exposure from the public. These days, people want to refer to everything on the internet.

If you are a beginner in blogging, then you may not know how to start a fitness blog. The following points will let you know about the insights with respect to starting a fitness blog.

  1. Decide Your Niche

Ahead of starting a fitness blog, you need to decide your niche. That is, you need to determine what kind of fitness content you want to share on your fitness blog, either athletic fitness secrets or bodybuilding secrets or fitness through yoga or daily fitness exercises that can be tried in the home.

  • With no doubts, the content you are sharing on your fitness blog may be appealing and tempting to a particular group of readers rather than to everyone. Figuring out your niche and knowing how to convey your thoughts to people will help your fitness blog a stand out.
  • You should not straight away publish the content. First of all, you should explain it to yourself. If you cannot summarize the content for you, then you need to work out a lot on explaining the subject to the audiences.
  • Keeping on writing and building paragraphs will be difficult for your readers.
  • Rather than exploring the things in a random fashion, exploring the things on the particular site is matters. This is why you are asked to start a fitness blog.
  1. Name Your Fitness Blog

Of course, you cannot start a fitness blog without naming your blog. You need to give a title and domain name to your fitness blog. The domain name of your fitness blog should be easy to recall, catchy and appealing.

  • You need to give a domain name that is relevant to what you are going to share with your readers or your name or the activities that you are going to publish on your fitness blog.
  • It is somewhat difficult to decide the domain name for your fitness blog. You need to think a lot about giving a name to your fitness blog. The name you are going to give your fitness blog should not be a duplicate one or derived one, but still, it should be a memorable and catchy one.
  • You need to give a professional name and as well as the name that should let people know this is a fitness blog.
  1. Begin Your Blog

You can start a professional fitness blog without using the HTML wizard, do you know how? You have a WordPress platform to build and host your fitness blog.

  • The WordPress platform does contain user-friendly features and customizable layouts and themes, so building and hosting your fitness blog do not matter if you have decided to use the WordPress platform.
  • You can come across a wide range of free and paid WordPress themes on the internet to choose from. Among that, you can choose an attractive and stunning theme to design your fitness blog.
  • As like themes, you can as well as find WordPress plugins, which could able to add extra functionalities such as enhanced analytics, SEO and newsletter subscription.
  1. Plan Your Content

Content is going to be the king of your fitness blog. You are going to convey everything to your readers with the content, so you need to plan your content carefully.

  • You need to post content at regular intervals, so that, people would like to come to your blog to read the new content.
  • Your content should be easy to read, catch and convey the source of the content to the point to the readers.
  • No matter how much you are busy with other works, you should find time to update the content of your fitness blog every now and then. Posting at least one content a day is good enough.
  1. Build Followers

So, you have started your fitness blog and decided your content, what is next? You should drive traffic to your fitness blog so that you can gain more visitors and followers.

  • The WordPress plugins will assist you to determine which of your contents perform and which of your contents would not perform as expected. So, use the plugins to analyze your content and determine what needs to be done to improve the quality of the content.
  • You can share or post the link of your fitness blog on your social media account and create awareness about your fitness blog among your social media friends. If your friends find your fitness blog informative and good, they will share with their friends and family people.
  • You need to stay in touch with your readers. You can send a newsletter subscription to your subscribers to keep them engaged in your fitness blog. Send notifications to all your readers about the newly posted content on your fitness blog.
  1. Gain Money

Money and reputation are the ultimate objectives of your fitness blog – right?

  • If the above-mentioned things go well, you can gain money.
  • If your fitness blog has quality content and number of followers, then advertisers will be willing to post their ads links on your fitness blog and by the way, you can gain income.


You should spend enough time to create a user-friendly fitness blog.

How much do fitness bloggers make?

The typical CPM range for Youtube ads is between $1-10 but in the fitness niche, you can expect those to go a little higher for top-tier fitness channels. According to an article on CNBC, the highest-earning fitness gurus on Youtube earn between $80,000 – $800,000+ per month from their channels.

How do you write a fitness blog post?

7 pro tips on starting your own fitness blog
  1. Decide who you’re talking to.
  2. Tell it like only you can.
  3. Look beyond dot com.
  4. Don’t be afraid to be annoying.
  5. Be a stickler about posting.
  6. Invite comments.
  7. Kill them with kindness.

How do I start a workout blog?

With those basics out of the way, you’re ready to start building your blog!
  1. Decide Which Blogging Platform to Use.
  2. Choose a Quality Hosting Service.
  3. Pick a Fitness-Friendly Theme.
  4. Create Heart-Pumping Content.
  5. Explore How to Monetize Your Fitness Blog.
  6. Share Your Posts to Promote Your Website.

How do I start a fitness journey?

6 Tips from a Personal Trainer to Start Your Fitness Journey on Your Own
  1. Make a commitment to YOURSELF.
  2. Create a vision board.
  3. Start small: Do 10 jumping jacks & 10 squats.
  4. Remind yourself that something is always better than nothing.
  5. Don’t stress over weights.
  6. Be more mindful of your movement and thoughts throughout the day.

How do you start and grow a health or fitness blog with the least effort?

  1. Create engaging content.
  2. Good on-page SEO.
  3. Careful off-page SEO.
  4. Consistency (stick to your publishing content)
  5. Build a community around your blog.
  6. Be patient and work hard.

How do weight loss blogs make money?

Here are few ways you can profit from niche blogging.
  1. Selling your own products such as eBooks, cheat sheets, video tutorials and so on.
  2. Selling affiliate products in weight loss industry.
  3. Using ads such as AdSense, Infolinks, Media.net and so on.
  4. Becoming a fitness coach and helping others to get fit.

What’s trending in the fitness industry?

Wearable technology, fitness trackers, and fitness tech continue to play a big role in shaping the fitness industry. Consumers are sharing more health data from smart watches and have access to a ton of information.

What niche sells the most?

What products are in high demand?

Top 10 Most Profitable Niches List for 2020
  1. Weight Loss. Losing weight is a goal for nearly all people at some point in their lives.
  2. Hosting/VPN. Web services like hosting and VPNs are not only popular; they can also be very high-dollar.
  3. Muscle/Bodybuilding.
  4. Finance.
  5. Male Enhancement.

What are the most profitable products to sell online?