Typically, people think that podcasts are audios and they have nothing to do with YouTube.

Well, they are right up to some extent because YouTube is about videosRight? However, make a video post is a brilliant idea to grow your audience.

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With YouTube, you can easily drive traffic to your website. Likewise, starting YouTube podcast is also one of the ways to earn money on YouTube. Let us tell you how you can start a podcast on YouTube easily.

Convert Audio to Video

One of the easiest ways to start your podcast on YouTube is to covert the audio podcast into the video. It is not difficult. You just need to add a video to the audio. You can add animations, pictures, or subtitles to the video.

Then, you will add the audio that aligns with the video content. This is a simple method to put your audio podcast on YouTube. Also, this way, you can reach more and more audience.

If the cover of your video is not attractive or engaging, don’t worry about it. People will still hear your voice. The purpose is to convey the message. However, if you want more engagement, you need to focus on the video part of the podcast. You already have the audio. So, next, you need to create interesting slides that are visually appealing to viewers.

Do not forget to create a video that contains key phrases. This is beneficial for YouTube search engine optimization. Not only will it attract more viewers but you will also get your podcast rank on YouTube SERPs.

Film Your Podcast

Another way to make a great YouTube Podcast is by filming a video. If you have a high-quality camera and tripod, you can set it in your room. You just have to repeat the words of the audio. This is called “lip singing.”

So, this is also an easy way to create a good art cover for your video. This way, you can gain more subscribers. Filing a podcast is a simple method to increase your viewers without making extra efforts. It will also save you time compared to creating visually appealing slideshows.

Supplemental Videos

Do you know shorter videos on YouTube do a bit better than longer ones? Yes, this is true. For example, research shows that a video that is about five to ten minutes long will do much better than long-duration videos.

Therefore, you need to create supplemental videos to increase your viewership. The supplemental videos will also let your viewers know that you have podcast videos. So, they will start watching them too.

You must act creatively and come up with ways that help you create visually appealing content. Remember, YouTube is about videos and you must focus on visual content. It is because you have the audio and you just need to align it with the visual content.

For example, if you run a podcast on technology, then you can make short supplemental videos on mobile phones, laptops, and other smart gadgets. These are product review videos.

Besides, you can use stock videos to make a documentary type film that goes along with the audio. Content Samurai is an online app that allows you to add thousands of videos according to your text content. However, first, you need to convert your audio into text.

Lastly, you can use whiteboard animation video maker software or applications to create an animated video that will explain what you say in the audio. So, create a YouTube channel, make your videos the way you want them, add audio to them, and then upload them.

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