As you all know that, cell phone spy software will secretly monitor and gather details from the target phone. The spy software will record text messages, calls and other delicate information. The software will send all the gathered details to the application’s server.

If you do not want someone to spy your cell phone, then here are the steps to stop cell phone spying software.

  1. Stop Spy Software from Android

These days, most of the people are using android mobiles. So, you need to know how to stop spying software from android mobiles.

  • First of all, you need to go to the settings of the android mobile.
  • Go to settings and move to applications.
  • Next, you need to go to running applications and find out what are the applications currently running on your device.
  • If you address any unknown application, uninstall it and make sure to clear the cache.
  • Do the same process in the “Manage application” screen and uninstall if you find any unknown application or tool.
  1. Stop Spy Software from iOS

Uninstalling spy software might be easy on Android devices, but you cannot expect the same in the iOS devices. You need to install the jailbreak application on the iOS device to uninstall the spy software.

  • If you address any such application on your iOS device that is unable to find at the Apple store, then it can be the spy software.
  • In order to get rid of the unknown application, you need to update your iOS and other third-party applications on your phone.
  1. Use a Secure Password

At present, hackers are establishing like nothing. On the other hand, the users of the cell phone do not take passwords that seriously and create simple passwords to unlock their mobile phone. If you do, your mobile phone has the possibility to be hacked.

  • You need to use complex and strong passwords, which no one could find or hack it.
  • A good and strong password does not only keep your cell phone protected, but as well as keep your device away from the spying tools being installed on the device without your knowledge.
  • Try to set a password that combines letters, numbers and special characters.
  1. Install Security Applications

Everyone wants to keep their mobile phone as safe as possible, but no one cares about installing security applications on their mobile phone. Security applications, from the name itself, you would come to know that, these applications will keep your phone safe and secured.

  • You can address security applications for both iOS and Android mobile phones on the respective play stores.
  • All you need to do is to install the security applications on your device from the play store.
  • The security applications will send a notification to your mobile whenever a new application has been installed on your device.
  1. Install the Anti-Malware Application on Your Device

Detecting spying tools could be tough without the assistance of the anti-malware solution, so consider installing it on your device.

  • The anti-malware application will safeguard your phone from any third-party application or malicious tool.
  • Once you have installed the anti-malware application, then your cell phone will be protected forever until you uninstall the application. The anti-malware application will also be updated on a regular basis.


Besides doing all the above-mentioned things, you can reckon using the encryption tools on your device. Even though your mobile phone is stolen or lost, but no one can get access to your mobile data if your mobile phone contains encryption tools.