Spotify offers curated playlists that keep adding more tracks or songs as they get consumed. There is a way to avoid that if you don’t like this auto-feature.

Stop Spotify from Adding Songs to Your Playlist

There can be various things going on. In some cases, songs are added to your customized playlist as well, and in case this is a curated playlist by Spotify, they will continue to add songs to the playlist as you keep listening.

  • There is an auto-play feature that keeps adding more songs to a playlist you’re listening to, which can be disabled.
  • You can disable or turn off this auto-play similar songs feature by clicking on the down arrow next to the profile name. Then, go to ‘Settings>Autoplay’ and toggle it off.
  • One other way to stop Spotify ( from adding songs to a curated playlist is also by moving all the songs to another new playlist of your own manually.

Why is Spotify Adding Songs to my Playlist?

This is an ongoing debate and rescue for the community using Spotify all over the world. This music streaming service has curated playlists and can add songs to your playlists as well during the runtime.

 Here is a discussion on Spotify Community on the same topic.

  • According to Spotify, if you have less than 15 songs in your favorite songs, they forcefully add songs to your playlist.
  • Also, they do it politely notifying the user that some songs were added to your playlist, but these are always replaceable.
  • There are workarounds if this is not the case with you, and then you are asked to report the problem, as per Spotify.

Get Rid of Recommended Songs on Spotify Playlist

If you just wish to get rid of the songs, any songs in a playlist then you are allowed to do so too. You can simply select the songs from a playlist and then create a new one. That is straight forward.

  • This is a community discussion on Spotify’s forum on the same issue.
  • It appears that these issues can be different for Spotify free vs a premium or paid account.
  • It can also be an issue or lack of feature on the Android or iOS platform that you are using here.
  • For example, if you are on Spotify Premium (, you can listen to songs in playlists without recommended songs just like that.
  • Another way can be turning off the auto-play as described above.

After an exhaustive effort at preventing Spotify to automatically add songs, you may want to try tinkering with a few settings between your desktop and your mobile devices. In fact, you may enable access to your local files from virtually anywhere instantaneously.

Free users can use third-party apps to enjoy Premium privileges

Moreover, did you know that there are options that will enable Spotify Free subscribers to get rid of annoying ads that pop up in between tracks? You can also listen to Spotify offline even without Premium subscription.

Well, this is easy if you are willing to use a third-party app that will suit your preference. As a Free user, you will not be able to download music from Spotify like the Premium or Family subscribers.

FAQs about Spotify third-party apps

  • Are they safe to use?
  • Are third-party apps legal?
  • How much does it cost to use third-party apps?
  • Is there a free subscription for these apps?

Many people believe that third-party apps can be used safely because they have already used it for their own advantage. However, there are legal implications that will lead to the violation of intellectual property rights when using these apps to download music from Spotify.

Perhaps using the ‘save a track to listen to offline’ can be an exception if you intend to download songs from Spotify in the first place. If you want to download songs legally, there are tons of other official sources of free music that you can download, which include Amazon, Google Play, and, among others.


  • Spotify has several features and ways of facilitating users, based on their account type.

To stop adding songs to a playlist, you might have to see which account type you are using, and then see which features you have.

Why does Spotify automatically add songs to my playlist?

If you have less than 15 songs in your playlist, we’ll add more songs. You will see a message telling you that the extra songs were added by us, but they can be replaced by adding more songs.

Why does Spotify add suggested songs?

In order to let you play your playlist, Spotify adds in suggested tracks which are algorithmically found to be similar to what was already in the playlist, so that you listen to enough different albums and artists.

How many songs do you need on Spotify to stop suggested songs?

If you have fewer than 15 songs in the Your Library playlist, Spotify will give you extra songs based on what it thinks you‘ll like and suggest tracks and artists as you create and edit your playlists.

How do I stop Spotify playing the same song?

Reverse the order of Spotify playlists

Reversing the order brings the new stuff to the top. To re-order a playlist using the mobile app, click on the playlist, press the three-dots menu button and select Sort playlist. Now choose Recently added from the dropdown menu.

Why does my Spotify keep quitting?

If Spotify keeps crashing, it could be because the internet connection you’re using is spotty. Try switching to another connection to see if the app responds better. If your internet connection is intermittently dropping out and you have no back-up mobile data, the Spotify app may crash.

Why do I hear the same songs on shuffle?

When you turn on shuffle the first time, the songs will keep playing in the same order, over and over, unless you choose to reshuffle them. This is because shuffle puts your songs in a specific order that won’t change unless you tell it to. You’re welcome.

Is Spotify Shuffle actually random?

Instead, Spotify designed a new algorithm that distributes artists and genres more evenly. Despite that new algorithm, Johansson said that users still tell Spotify developers that the shuffle functionality is not random. And it isn’t – but it’s calculated to feel more random, not less.

Why does Spotify keep repeating songs on shuffle?

Maybe your Spotify app does not have the latest available version. To update your Spotify app, go to the App Store on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android. For the App Store, tap Updates and look for Spotify. For the Google Play Store, go to My apps & games and look for Spotify.

Why does Spotify play songs twice?

I’ve checked with a Spotify staff member, and it seems that this can happen if you’re trying to shuffle songs from an artist with a low number of tracks on Spotify. As the app is trying to create a reasonably sized queue for you to listen to, it may duplicate some of the songs.

How do you play music on Spotify more than once?

Putting a Spotify song on repeat is as easy as tapping or clicking a button. To put a song on repeat, all you’ll need to do is double-tap the repeat button, which is available whenever you’re playing a song.

Why does Spotify play the same songs on shuffle Reddit?

This happens if you start playing a shuffle, and then switch to another device, or close/open spotify. Shuffle has been broken for a while. If you open the playlist and hit ‘shuffle play‘ on one device, and don’t stop it, usually it works properly.

Why is Spotify shuffle not random?

Spotify designed a new algorithm that distributes artists and genres more evenly. For example If there are five songs in a playlist, the algorithm will aim to play them at roughly 20% intervals. Now, Spotify admits that the algorithm isn’t random it’s actually calculated to feel more random, not less.

How do I shuffle all songs on Spotify?

Go to Me -> Favorites, then hit the shuffle button right at the top.

What is Spotify Shuffle?

Shuffle any playlist, album, or artist profile to mix up what plays next. Great for long playlists, switching up your listening, or when you just don’t feel like following orders. Mobile and tablet. On Android, tap SHUFFLE PLAY.

Can you turn off shuffle on Spotify free?

Step 1. Open the Spotify app, and go to the ‘Now Playing’ bar at the bottom. Step 2. Click the ‘Shuffle‘ icon to turn off shuffle play.

What can’t you do with Spotify free?

You can use Spotify for free, but its features are limited. On the free plan, music can be played in shuffle mode and you can skip up to six times per hour, every hour. Spotify Radio isn’t available, but you can access Daily Mix playlists.

Is paying for Spotify worth it?

Is Spotify Premium Worth It? If you use Spotify with any frequency during the month, Spotify Premium is a great investment. For the price of one digital album per month, you get high-quality music, the ability to save music to your phone (which could pay for itself in data charges), and no ads to interrupt.

Why is Spotify free so bad?

One of the most common complaints about Spotify is that frequent and obnoxious ads plague users who have opted for a free account. The ad-supported free tier has several costs — lower royalties for artists, missing and unavailable albums, and of course, ads that seem to interrupt users after every song.