Beer is one of the most popular drinks around the world. Any cause of the celebration? Tap a keg and let’s do a toast to an XYZ celebration!

These moments become special just because of beer. If you’re one of those people who celebrate little things in life, then this article is for you. Here, you will find the best ways to tap a keg.

Now, why would you want to learn that when you can simply just go to a bar down the street?

We’re still living in a pandemic phase and you might want to keep beer at home and tap a keg. So, without further ado, let’s jump into making some good beer at home.

Step # 01: Buy a good quality keg pump (coupler) and barrel to tap a keg

The first thing that you need to do is buy a nice coupler and beer barrel to tap a keg. You may either order it online or simply just get one from the market.

An average coupler should cost you around $20-$40. As for the beer barrel, you’ll get it around for $50.

Step # 02: Get a large-sized bucket to fit that beer container inside

You will also need a huge bucket in which you’ll keep the beer barrel for cooling it.

Buy the barrel first, so when you have it, you’ll have an idea for the size of the bucket.

Step # 03: Grab lots and lots of ice cubes to fill in the bucket with ice

Get as many ice cube packets as you can.

You will have to fill up the bucket from bottom to top with ice to cool down the beer. Also, make sure that you keep big packets of ice cubes on top of the barrel. This will keep the beer at the right temperature.

Keep in mind that this step plays a huge role to tap a keg.

Step # 04: set the container in ice for 4-5 hours before any event

Nobody likes to drink warm and foamy beer.

If you have an event at your place, then don’t end up ruining by doing this in the 11th hour.

You must do the icing around the barrel at least 4-5 hours before the event begins. This is to make the beer reach a temperature that maintains the taste and texture of the beer.

Step # 05: assemble the parts with the container

Now you have to assemble the keg pump into the beer barrel. All you need to do is check the lever handle to make sure it’s unlocked and upright.

Also, make sure that the faucet head is also closed to prevent the flow of the beer. Now carefully examine the part where the coupler needs to be attached.

Step # 06: Make sure the coupler is connected properly to the container and there’s no leakage

Align the keg pump’s tabs with the keg opening. Insert it into the opening and fix it by rotating the coupler until locked into place. Once you have it locked, pull the lever out and then release the lever down.

Now how will you know that it’s attached properly?

Bubbles won’t be forming on the opening of the barrel. If in case, it does, remove the coupler from the keg and then fix it again.

Step # 07: pour out the beer into a glass

Once you have everything in place, and the beer has been carbonated, it’s time to pour out the beer.

You can tap the keg and the flow will begin from the barrel into your beer glass.

Step # 08: Pump the coupler 4-5 times when the flow starts to die

If you start noticing that the flow of the beer is starting to die, then pump the keg. This helps in letting the oxygen get into the barrel and create pressure for the flow.

Make sure that the faucet is still open and only pump no more than 5 times.

And that’s all for the day…

We hope that you find our tips worthy to try and tap a keg. Make sure to keep the ice fresh around the barrel. This will help in keeping the beer texture-rich and not foamy.

This keg can last somewhere between 12-24 hours depending on how much you pump and allow oxygen to flow in. If you want it to last longer, then go for a carbon dioxide-based system which allows co2 levels inside the barrel instead of oxygen.

This will maintain the carbonation in the beer and make it last for days. Make sure to share this with your family and friends. This way everyone can learn how to tap a keg.

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