Tie a Christmas bow with ribbon easy

Start by making a knot on a string or ribbon: The easiest way to make a basic bow is by making a knot in the middle of your bow. This process doesn’t change regardless of the type of material and your reason for choosing the material. When your knot is in position, you’re good to move to the next step.

Make the first loop: Using the left-hand side of the ribbon, make a loop. Then, pinch the loop and hold it between the forefingers and the thumb. Ensure that the ribbon isn’t twisted when making your loop.

Make the second loop: To make the second loop, move the right side ribbon under the left loop and pull it gently until you create a second loop of the same size. It’s similar to the method you use to tie your shoeless. After making the bow, tighten the knot by pooling the two loops in the opposite direction.

Note: If you intend to use the bow for wrapping a gift, you can instead tie the bow on the gift box. To do that, make a loop on the box passing under the gift package and then bring both ends to meet at the top. Then work with the right and left ends of the ribbon at the top. And that’s how to tie a Christmas bow on a present.

Tie a Looped Christmas Bow

Cut 12-inch ribbon: To start making looped ribbon, cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon of your favorite color, and leave it unknotted.

Make the first loop near the left end of your bow: Spare 3 inches from the end of the ribbon and make your first loop. Pinch the loop between your forefingers and the thumb to hold it.

Create the second loop: Loop the right end of the ribbon over the first loop, make your second loop, and hold the loops with one hand to keep them secure. By now, your loops should look like a backward “S” with an attached tail.

Make other loops: Continue making more loops on the remaining length of the ribbon to have equal piles of loops on both ends. After that, use a thin string, or a piece of thin wire to cinch the middle of your bow. By doing that, you should now have a bunch of loops on the right side and the left side.

Fluff your loops: After tying the middle of your loops, spread your loops and start fluffing them to fill the gaps such that your cinch remains hidden. After that, trim the extra lengths of tails. Then, fold the end of the ribbon into half along the length and cut it diagonally from the inner side. By doing that, you will end up with a nice V-shape at the tail that adds a professional touch.

Tie a floral Christmas bow

Start by snipping off a suitable piece of ribbon and wrapping it around your hand: Using your thumb, hold the end of your ribbon against the palm and wrap the entire piece of ribbon around your hand. Pile each loop neatly on top of the other.

Carefully remove the pile of loops from your hand and fold them keenly into half: Ensure that the loops don’t slip off when removing the loops from your hand.

Cut the cinch: With your folded loops held in one hand with the middle facing up, use the other hand to hold a scissor and cut either corner of the cinch. Ensure you use a firm and sharp scissors to cut through all the layers of ribbon without slipping them off.

Tie the cinch: Using your scissors, cut another piece of ribbon and use it to tie the cinch. Alternatively, you can use florist wire or a thin piece of string to tie the cinch.

Fluff out the loop: Separate the loops one after the other from the inside. After that, pull each loop out from the middle as you twist the loops outwards towards your side. Then arrange the loops to give a floral-like pattern.  By completing this step, your ribbon should be ready for Christmas holiday decorations.

Tie a Christmas bow for a wreath

Cut a piece of the ribbon of desirable size and make loops: Take your ribbon and fold it into an accordion shape. Depending on the size of the bow that you desire, you can fold your ribbon back and forth into a pile of loops.

Tie the center of the bow to secure the loops: Tie the middle of the pile of loops using a pipe cleaner to keep the loops in position. Alternatively, you can use a piece of floral wire to tie the cinch, but a pipe cleaner is quite easy to handle in any case.

Fluff the loops to give your bow a shape: Pull your loops side by side until you achieve maximum fullness needed. When you’re through with that, you should have a ready Christmas bow for a wreath.

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