The digital photo seems to have changed the photography scenario. You do not anymore have to wait for the photo to develop. Moreover, you will be able to edit the images at your own will. The best part about this digital photography is that you will be able to transfer the photos to your flash drive. However, you will have to follow a few steps in order to do this.

  1. Step One – Insert the Card in Computer

Take out the memory card installed in your cell phone where you have stored the image. You can put in the card directly inside your computer slot. The other great option is to use an adapter. This kind of cards fits into the slot. Put in the flash drive into the computer and open the browser. Thereafter, copy the photos from the memory card of the phone to flash drive that you have inserted.

  1. Step Two – Connect the USB Cable to Camera

Now, take the USB cable and fit it to the camera of your computer. This is something that you can do when the camera on your phone doesn’t have access to memory card to save the pictures. Now, take the flash drive and insert it in the slot of memory storage. Now, open the browser, drag the image and drop it from your phone memory to the flash drive.

  1. Step Three – Connect Special Connector to Camera

You will have to find the type of special connector that the camera requires when it doesn’t have a regular USB cable slot. There are some cameras which require proprietary cables which are good for use only with the camera. Now, you will have to follow the same instructions that you would for USB cable insert in the flash drive. Open the browser, drag the image and drop it.

  1. Step Four – Use Bluetooth or Infra-red Facilities

Use the infrared or Bluetooth capabilities of the camera with the infrared and Bluetooth computer; transfer the images from your camera to the hard drive of the computer. Thereafter, insert your flash drive and copy the photos from the hard drive of the computer to the flash drive.

At times, these tips come in handy to recover some memorable moments of your life if you transfer the photos that you like to the flash drive that you have as a backup. These are the easiest and the quickest ways to transfer the photos. You will be able to finish the job without any hard work and effort.