The coyote belongs to the dog family.

They are canine animals found in woodlands, cropland, rangeland, and suburban areasMost often, they roam in the late summer and winter seasonsHowever, you can also find them in the spring season.

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Coyotes are territorial animals but they don’t establish a home territory. They are harmful to human beings and other animals that are weaker than them. So, this means they can attack humans and other animals to feed on them.

Required Tools and Equipment

You need certain items, tools, and equipment to set a trap for the coyote. First, you need a plastic bucket, which is about 20 inches, and have the 5-gallon capacity. You will use this bucket to carry all the tools and equipment.

You also need a 20-25 inches stake that you can use to hold the trap in place. Likewise, you need a straight claw hammer. You can use this hammer to dig a hole where you will place the trap. Also, this hole is good for pounding the stake into the soil or ground.

You also need safety gloves so that you can protect your hands while digging the bed for the trap. At the same time, you need a plastic or cloth feed sack. You can use this to kneel on while you dig the trap bed and pound the stake.

Besides, you will also require a roll of plastic bags, which you can use to cover the soil. This also allows you to prevent the soil from entering the trap pan. Make sure you have a rib bone or brush for leveling the soil in the area where you want to set the trap. The important thing you need is coyote urine. You can pour it a bottle to attract the coyote.

How to trap coyotes – step by step procedure

If you want to trap or catch the coyote, you need to follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

First, you need to choose the location where you can set the trap. The suitable location is the middle of a road where you find the dropping of a coyote. Here, you can dig the soil using the tools that we have talked about above. Now, place the stake at the end link of the chain. Next, you need to drive it until you accurately fixes it with the bottom of the bed.

Step 2:

Compress the trap springs using the heels of the hand. This is a good start. Now, hold the trap open using one hand. Next, engage the trapped dog so that you can hold the jaws open. The next move is to transfer the trap pan to the notch and ensure that the pan is properly level with the jaws. You can set some traps inside a plastic bag. In such a situation, we recommend using a plastic bag. Make sure you test it with a particular trap.

Step 3:

Using other styles of the traps, you need to stretch the pan cover. Again, make sure to do this under the jaws and across the pan. Add soil or take out soil until the jaws and trap pan are about 1 inch below the ground level in the surrounding. Now, pack the soil firmly around the trap jaws. Also, you should pack it firmly inside the trap bed.

Step 4:

You are doing well so far. The next step is to collect some soil from the bed and then place it in the sifter. This allows you to remove the rocks and clods. Now, shake the sifter until you cover the trap with about ¼ inches of the sifted soil. Moreover, use a rib bone, stick, or brush to level the soil over the area of the trap.

Step 5:

You need to mix the bare soil with plants or vegetation. This is important to disguise the trap set. It is because coyotes are suspicious and can easily sense the danger. Now, you need to place 15-20 drops of urine on old coyote dropping. You can also place it on grass clumps. Lastly, collect the soil that you have dug from the bed and then dispose of it from the site of the trap.

How to make the set?

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You may not know but the coyote is intelligent animals and highly suspicious. So, you need to find or locate traps in open areas. Make sure the ground is level. You must place the trap about 10-15 inches from the attractor. In case you use 2 traps per set, it is important to set the other trap at an equal distance – i.e. 10-15 inches from the first trap.

Once you have found the proper location, it is time to chop out a bed or dig a hole using the digging tool. The best is to use the hammer. Make sure the bed is slightly larger than the trap while you set. The diameter of the trap should be a bit larger. Now, you need to place the stack at the end link of the chain. Then, drive this stack in the middle of the trap bed.

Besides, you must compress the trap springs as well as engage the dog to hold this trap open. Remember, the pan of the trap is level with the jaws of the trap. Now, use a clean shop cloth, a plastic bag, or towel as a cover to stop or prevent the soil from entering the trap pan.

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