Autocorrect is one of the many text features offer by Samsung devices.  It basically helps the user in automatically correcting the spellings.

However, sometimes the feature does undesirable corrections that can make your typing quite cumbersomeFortunately, you can turn off the option by making a few changes in the settings.

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  1. Open the Settings

In order to make any changes to the default text settings, you need to open the Settings Menu of your Samsung phone.

  • Open the Apps drawer of your Samsung Galaxy J7 from the Home screen. From the list of Apps look for the Settings icon.
  • Tap over the Settings icon to open the Settings menu of your device. Under settings, you would find various categories to select from.
  • Find the option “Language and Input” from the Settings menu and tap over it.
  1. Open the Keyboard Settings

Language and Input section includes all the settings related to language, typing, keyboard, voice typing, etc.

  • From the list of options provided under the “Language and Input” section, you need to select the option “Samsung keyboard”. This is your default keyboard that can be customize to make your typing easier.
  • When you tap over the option “Samsung keyboard”, the screen would display a set of language and smart typing features.
  1. Turn Off Auto Replace

One of the major smart typing tools incorporated in your Samsung Keyboard is none other than the Auto Replace. This is the autocorrect feature of your device that has to be turned off.

  • Locate the Auto Replace option under the Samsung Keyboard section. Tap over the option to open the settings.
  • This would open a screen that has a toggle button which is turned on. Below that you can find a short description of the function of this feature.
  • You have to turn off the toggle button to disable the autocorrect feature.
  1. Turn Off Predictive Text

Once you have turned off the Auto Replace option, you don’t have to worry about your texts getting automatically corrected. Further, you can also cancel the feature of Predictive text.

  • After turning off Auto Replace tap on the back arrow displayed on the top left corner of the page. This would take you back to the Samsung Keyboard section.
  • Just above the Auto Replace option, you can find the option of “Predictive Text” along with a toggle button.
  • Turn off the toggle button to disable the feature. Now whenever you type, your screen will no longer display possible text predictions.
  1. Verify the Changes

Whenever you customize any settings in your Samsung Galaxy device, make sure that the changes have been saved by checking the concerned features.

  • Open any application that has a text feature. You can try your new settings on apps like WhatsApp or Google Hangouts.
  • As you start typing, you would see that there are no more spelling suggestions or corrections made by your device.


  • The above steps are applicable for most of the Samsung Galaxy J series like J3, J5, and J5 Prime. You can also find similar settings on Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5.

You can refer to Samsung Official Help for details on smart typing tools and how to customize the settings for different apps.

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