Many music lovers prefer bass going along with their favorite tunes. This gives them a beat to cling to during their time. Here’s how to tune bass on Spotify.

How to Adjust Bass on Spotify iPhone?

If you are a premium user on Spotify and love the taste of bass on the dull, flat music, here’s how you can change that on an iOS device.

  • Launch your Spotify app from your iPhone and go to the settings menu.

  • On the settings menu on Spotify, you will be faced with various options of which you need to go with the option which says equalizer.

  • On the equalizer page, you will see a lot of previously made presets. You can change those presets by dragging the dots to the position which sounds the best.

How to Turn up Bass on Spotify PC?

Being a premium user on Spotify – comes with many advantages. For instance, you can change the bass settings to your liking. Here’s how to do it on a PC.

  • On your desktop computer or Mac device, launch the Spotify application and wait for it to load.
  • As the app loads, play the song you want to test the bass on.
  • Next, go to the settings page and navigate to the equalizer menu.
  • In the equalizer select a preset and change the settings by dragging the dots to your liking.
  • Leave the settings in the place which sounds best to your ears and you are done.

How to Turn up Bass on Spotify Android?

It’s a boon for the Android users when it comes to using Spotify premium with all the advantages. Here’s how to adjust the bass on the Spotify premium account.

  • Launch the app on your Android device and tap home.
  • Next, go to your library and tap the settings icon to proceed further.
  • Under the option which says music quality, select equalizer and then adjusts the bass to your liking.
  • Save the settings before leaving the page.


  • Always test the song before finalizing the bass preset. Attempting the setting on various songs will be a good preventive measure.
  • You can also try various third party software which offers equalizer functionality while the music plays on your Spotify app.

The sound settings in your computer or mobile or tablet could also come in handy if you don’t have a premium account on Spotify.

How do I maximize bass with equalizer on Spotify?

Tap the settings cogwheel icon at the upper right corner. Go to Playback from the Settings. Tap “Equalizer” option. Toggle on Equalizer and choose “Bass Booster.”

How do I turn up the bass on Spotify PC?

On a Windows PC
  1. Open Sound Controls. Go to Start > Control Panel > Sounds.
  2. Doubleclick the Active Sound Device. You have some music playing, right?
  3. Click Enhancements. Now you’re in the control panel for output you use for music.
  4. Check the Equalizer box. Like so:
  5. Choose a Preset.

How do I adjust bass in Windows 10?

How to adjust bass (bass) and treble on Windows 10
  1. Open the sound settings. Click at the bottom right on the speaker icon .
  2. Open speaker properties. Then click on the Reading tab.
  3. Activate sound enhancements. Then click on the Enhancements tab in order to open sound enhancements.
  4. Increase or decrease the Bass Boost.

Should Treble be higher than bass?

Yes, treble should be higher than bass in an audio track. This will result in a balance in the audio track, and will additionally eliminate problems such as low-end rumble, mid-frequency muddiness, and vocal projection.

How do I increase the bass on my laptop?

How do I increase the bass on my equalizer?

Using EQ Settings For Better Bass In Headphones
  1. Set sub-bass slightly above +6db.
  2. Bass to exactly in between 0db and +6db.
  3. Set low-mids at slightly below 0db.
  4. Set mids and upper mids exactly where the bass adjusted to.
  5. Finally, your highs must be adjusted slightly lower than upper mids.

What Hz is best for bass?

Having clean bass frequencies is enough to get amazing bass through any audio system. The bass frequencies are from 20Hz to 160Hz. The best frequencies to boost for bass in a song, are around 50Hz and 80Hz. These frequencies make sure that the bass sounds full and powerful.

What is the best equalizer settings for bass?

Here are the best equalizer settings for bass android: Take 4kHz frequency to 2db and 16kHz to 4db. Do not touch or play with mid-range frequency. You should lower the 230Hz frequency to -4db. Now you’ll have to adjust the 60Hz frequency which is bass.

Which equalizer setting is best?

He recommends using these five EQ settings to help yourself process what frequencies are associated with what types of sounds:
  • Super Low (approximately 20 Hz to 60 Hz). These frequencies are the lowest audible sounds humans can hear.
  • Lower Mids (app. 60 Hz to 250 Hz).
  • Mids (app.
  • Upper Mids (app.
  • Super High (app.

What is the best bass and treble settings?

For any system, instrument amps, P.A.s, and stereo systems, I usually recommend starting tone at “flat” settings—where bass, mid and treble settings are at 5 (out of 10) or “straight up” on knobs. Then adjust bass and treble so they can be heard better according to the unit, the room, the system or personal taste.

Which EQ setting is best on iPhone?

Boom. One of the best EQ adjusting apps on iPhone and iPad is definitely Boom. Personally, I use Boom on my Macs to get the best sound, and it’s also a great option for the iOS platform as well. With Boom, you get a bass booster as well as a 16-band equalizer and handcrafted presets.

How do I make the equalizer sound better?

There are two ways to tweak your sound when learning how to EQ. The first is to make the target frequency louder by raising the volume (amplitude) of a specific range. This is called boosting. It makes sense if you think about it, you’re just boosting the output of something that you want to hear more of.

How do you adjust bass and treble?

Adjust bass and treble level
  1. Make sure your mobile device or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi or linked to the same account as your Chromecast, or speaker or display.
  2. Open the Google Home app .
  3. Tap the device you want to adjust Settings Audio. Equalizer.
  4. Adjust Bass and Treble level.

Should I use equalizer?

That said, we don’t generally recommend using those presets. In our opinion, equalizers are best used to correct minor flaws in your speakers, headphones, or setup (or, in rare cases, a specific album that doesn’t sound very good).