So, you got banned? And looking for a way out? You needn’t worry.

Even though your ban might be due to several reasons, you can still unban yourself through the seven steps below.

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Steps to Unburn Your Tinder Account

  • If you encounter error 40303, it is the right time to open a Tinder ban appeal with the Tinder support team to get your account back. If you are a premium subscriber, you may have reasonable chances of redeeming your account as the management will always try as much as possible to avoid losing much by banging out most of their paying subscribers. On the contrary, if you’re a free user, you may have a very slim if not none of the chances to redeem your banned account. Should the appeal fail to yield fruit, you’ll have no otherwise but to open a new Tinder account through the following steps and begin a fresh journey.
  • Delete Tinder and start again by buying a new SIM card. Note that you cannot use your previous SIM card as it is linked to your banned account and there is no way you can unlink it. With your new SIM card, you are good to proceed to the next step.
  • Create a new Google account if you are using an Android phone. Alternatively, you can create a new Apple ID for iPhones. With either of the two, you can download your new Tinder App through either Google or Apple account depending on the mobile phone that you’re using. If you are using a PC
  • Create your account using your new phone number. But, you do not need to get a new Facebook account as Tinder may never ask you to log in through your Facebook account if you only use your phone number. However, another challenge may arise.
  • Now that you had already got your credit card linked to your previous banned account, you cannot use it to pay for subscriptions. If you get it tough to find a new SIM card, you can resolve to use a private proxy or IP to create a new Facebook account. The private IP or proxy will protect your identity as the previous proxy or IP linked to the banned account can be effortlessly tracked down by Tinder.
  • Use a friend’s or any other family member’s credit card to pay for Tinder Plus or Gold to when you need it. The best way to go is to buy a one-year plan to keep you going without becoming a bother to the owner of the card now and then.
  • The card-borrowing experience may sound more of punishment as you would not have the freedom that you enjoyed earlier when using your card at any time you wished.
  • Use new photos for your new account to avoid Tinder detectives from tracking you down. Also, you can crop your previous images used in the banned account to stay safe. With the new account, new credit card information and unique photos, you can sneak back into Tinder and enjoy the experience.

One of the worst mistakes you can ever do is to re-use any information that had in the previous account under the ban. Should you do that, it won’t be a surprise to meet another shocker when you least expect it.

  • Be careful with the people you match. Since Tinder will never let you know whoever reported you, you’ll have to be extra cautious as playing your game in the same field with the same participants may signal another risk for error 40303. Let me explain why.
  • If you match the same people whom you suspect to have led to your downfall, there is no doubt that you are likely to face the same trouble as your accusers will still keep track of you and possibly report you for as many time as they can. What’s the message? Match only those whom you genuinely believe did not report you and reject the suspects.

Final Thought

Even though you can unban yourself from Tinder, it would be pretty good to read through the Tinder’s term and conditions and understand them. Otherwise, you might encounter error 40303. With that said, masquerading every time may not offer a long-lasting solution. As such, be well mannered when using this most excellent dating site.

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