If you have bid on something on Ebay but changed your mind about buying it, you will need to follow a few steps. This can become necessary for a number of reasons, so it is important that you know how to do it as efficiently as possible.

  1. Sign into Ebay

Navigate to www.ebay.com in your web browser and sign in with your username and password.

  1. Go to the Bid Retraction Page

Next you will need to go to the Bid Retractions page.

  1. Enter your Item Number

Next you will need to enter the item number for the listing that you want to retract your bid on. You will be able to do this by simply going to the listening, copying the number at the top of the page and pasting it on the Bid Retraction page.

  1. Select an Explanation

You will also have to choose an explanation for retracting your bid.

Some of the explanations that you will have to choose from include:

  • Entered wrong amount
  • Seller changed the description of the item
  • Cannot contact the seller
  1. Retract Your Bid

Once you have selected a reason for retracting your bid, you will have to click the “Retract Bid” button at the bottom of the page.


  • It’s always a good idea to think carefully before placing a bid on an item. This can help save you from having to go through this process.


There is a possibility that the actor will request a more detailed explanation for why you cancelled your bid on the item. You have the option to reply or not, as it won’t affect your ability to cancel the bid at all. Also, keep in mind that you a seller cannot give you negative feedback for cancelling a bid on one of their items.

Can you withdraw a bid on eBay?

When can I retract a bid? A bid is a binding contract that’s active until an auction-style listing ends or you‘re outbid. You can only retract a bid if the seller significantly changed the description of the item, if you accidentally bid the wrong amount, or if you can‘t reach the seller.

How do I cancel a bid I placed on eBay?

How to cancel a bid
  1. Go to Canceling bids placed on your listing – opens in new window or tab.
  2. Enter the item number, the username of the member whose bid you’re canceling, and the reason you’re canceling the bid.
  3. Select cancel bid.

Can I end an eBay auction early if there are no bids?

You can cancel an auction listing early if there are no bids on an item, or if there are 12 or more hours left on a listing that has received bids (though eBay says it will charge a fee in the latter case).

Will eBay charge me for ending an item?

Yes, you may end the listing by cancelling all bids. You may be charged a final value fee based on the amount of the highest bid, or you may sell the item to the highest bidder. You can only end auction listings with bids one at a time by selecting a valid reason.

Can I cancel my eBay listing at any time?

To end an auction early, go to your My eBay Active Selling page, and in the drop-down menu in the Actions column, choose End item. You’ll be required to sign in again. You can also go directly to eBay’s Cancel Bid page to cancel bids, and then to eBay’s End Auction page to end an auction.

What happens when an eBay auction ends with no bids?

To answer the actual question: An auction that has not received any bids can be ended at any time (even during the final 12 hours) with no fee or other penalty.

What happens if no one bids at auction?

When no bidding takes place, a vendor bid is made by the auctioneer and this can be all that is required to set the wheels into motion. In a situation where there was some bidding, but the vendor’s reserve price was not reached, the auction will pass in.

Should you wait until the last minute to bid on eBay?

Yes you can wait until the last minute or the last second. It doesn’t guarantee you are going to win but it can help you avoid bidding wars. You can also go to sites like No Bids – eBay Items Ending Soon, MIsspelled Items, Most Watched Items and find items that have no bids and are ending soon.

Is auction or fixed price better on eBay?

When you want to sell items for a consistent amount each time, fixed price listings are definitely the better option. You’ve got up to 30 days to list it, along with the option of selling it as ‘Good Till Cancelled’, which means you can keep renewing it every 30 days until someone buys it.

What is the best time for eBay auction to end?

Best Ending Time

Long-time eBay sellers maintain that the optimum time for ending an auction is between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern. This translates to between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Pacific time as shown on the auction listing, reflecting eBay’s headquarters in San Jose, California.

Is it better to do auction or buy it now?

If you have unusual and collectible items, auctions are likely a better fit for you. If you prefer consistency and reliability, then fixed-price listings will likely suit you more. Once the sales have been made—be it via auction or Buy It Now—you’ve just got to ship them out. I think you know who to choose.

What price should I start my eBay auction at?

Set the starting price at $1–with no reserve.

There’s certainly a definite benefit to that, as prospective buyers will see your listing and think they’re the only ones to see your low-priced item–and that they’ll be win it at a bargain.

Should eBay auctions start low?

Attention eBay auctioneers: Want to get a higher price for an item you’re trying to sell? Set the auction’s starting price as low as possible. Unless it is an item you don’t believe there’s a lot of interest in; in that case, start the auction at a higher price.

Why do eBay bids start so low?

When sellers know that they have an item that will sell, they often begin their bidding as low as 99 cents. eBay offers a tip when the bidder places a bid that doesn’t meet the current bid.

What should I set my starting bid at?

Set the Starting Bid

Many industry experts say the best practice is to set minimum bids at 30-40% of the FMV. Others think 20-25% percent of the FMV is ideal, as the lower price could garner more interest.

What should the minimum bid be in a silent auction?

Set a Minimum Bid at 30-50% of the Item’s FMV

Now that you have established the fair market value for all of your silent auction items, the starting bid for each item will be calculated from that value.

Can I increase my starting bid on ebay?

Ebay wants you to decrease/lower start prices and they say so on the help page. Ebay does not want you to up the start price, so they conveniently don’t mention itbut you can up the start price, (if no bids) and some sellers do.

What does best offer starting bid mean on ebay?

The Best Offer option allows you to accept offers from buyers and negotiate a price with them. You can use Best Offer on fixed price and Classified Ad listings, and in eBay Motors.