Twitter is a trending social media site, which is used by millions of users to share their thoughts and ideas.

Also, people use Twitter to follow their favorite celebritiesThese tips will help you unlock your Twitter account:

How Long does it Take for Twitter to Unlock Your Account?

Twitter may lock your account for violating the Twitter ( rules and terms of service or if you do not meet the age restrictions and other eligibility criteria set by Twitter. If Twitter has locked your account, you can follow these steps to unlock your account.

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  • Tap and open the Twitter app on your device. ‘Sign-In’ with your credentials. Look for the messages that let you know whether your account has been locked. Tap on ‘Start’.
  • Enter your phone number. The phone number you provide will be associated with your account, so provide the right number.
  • Twitter will send you a text message, or you will receive a phone call, with a verification code. It may take a few minutes for the code to be delivered to your phone.
  • Once you have entered the verification code, click or tap ‘Submit’ to unlock your account. It will take at least 7 days to unlock your Twitter account, so you need to be patient until that time.

Unlock Twitter Account without Phone Number

Your account might be blocked by Twitter due to many reasons including spam-worthy activities, policy violations, security issues, spreading fake content, and more. No matter why Twitter has blocked you for, but you can unlock your account with these steps.

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  • Open the Twitter app on your device and click ‘Sign-In’. Enter your password and username to ‘Sign-In’ to your official Twitter account.
  • You will receive a message from Twitter if your account has been locked. Click ‘Start’ to begin your recovery process. Enter your email ID to receive an email with unlocking instructions.
  • Twitter will send you an email shortly with some instructions for unlocking your account. You have to complete the onscreen instructions.
  • Once you do, Twitter will verify your details and will unlock your account within one business week.

Unlock Twitter Account without ID

Your Twitter account has been locked if you post tweets or media that always contain sensitive or violating content. Your account might be locked because of the age ban. Twitter support team ( will sort the issue and unlock your account.

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  • Go to the official site of Twitter. ‘Sign-In’ with your ‘Log-In’ credentials.
  • When you get your account has been locked message, you will also get an email with instructions to recover your account.
  • If you do not want to use your email ID for recovering your account, you can provide your phone number.
  • The Twitter support team will either send a code on a message or call you to verify your details. If a code is sent to you on the message, you have to enter the code in a specific field to recover your account. It will take 7 business days to recover your account.


  • If you did not receive an email from Twitter on your inbox, you need to check the spam, social or junk folder.

You can contact the Twitter support team if you need additional help for unlocking your account.

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