Uber is the world biggest ride sharing app.

Where you can hire a car to take you where you want to go at a moments notice! In this how to guide, to keep your Uber app up to date so you never miss out on a new feature.

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  1. There way you update your Uber app is dependent on what operating system you are using. First of all I will show you how to update the app on Apple’s iOS system.

TIP – The Uber app is only available on mobile device, so this is not available on desktop.

  1. First of all on your device, you want to see if your app is already up to date. Sometimes when you go onto the app it will prompt you to update, so first of all open up the Uber app. If there is a prompt to update the you know you need to update it. If there is no prompt, you still may need to update.
  1. The way to check whether the app needs updating for sure is to go to you App store. This is where it differs depending on operating system. On Apple’s iOS, click on the App Store App. Along the bottom there are five tabs, Today, Games, Apps, Updates and Search. Click on the forth tab, Updates.
  1. The next step, on the Updates tab it will show all of your apps which are waiting to update. Find Uber on that list. It will have the update notes, which tell you exactly what the new features are on the update. Take a quick read of those. Then next to it, there will be a button to update. Press that.

TIP – Allow some time for it to download. Sometimes the file sizes can be quite large. There are two processes which it has to go through before you can access the updated app. It will first of all download the update and then install the downloaded update.

  1. Back to Android devices now. The Android app store is called Google Play. Click on the Google Play store app. Click the menu button in the top left, symbolized by three vertical lines. When you have pressed the menu button, click the first tab: “My apps & games”. The first screen it opens up is the updates. Click the little downwards arrow, this will open up the “What’s New” tab. This is the update notes, read these and then click update.
  1. Finally click on the Uber app, and you will be all updated, go and check out the new features.  

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