Spotify can get you access to over 217 million subscribers in the US alone and might kickstart your career in music.

Here is how to upload your songs.

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  1. Upload Music to Spotify for Free

Spotify also makes it easy for you to share your content and engage in a fan following for a future into music.

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  • Here is the way you can do this. The article is from Spotify meant only for the artist in you.
  • As it turns out that uploading music to Spotify is free and they do not charge any commission from the artists, regardless of how frequently you are uploading.
  • Also, just like releasing with any other partner, you will get paid whenever fans steam your songs and download. The feature for artists is in beta right now, meaning there is more to come soon.
  1. Upload Music to Spotify as an Artist

You can learn more about their feature in this ( website that has all the information you need. Spotify has officially made it possible for even new and budding artists to make submissions and upload songs without any restrictions.

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  • Go to the guide section to learn more about how to upload your songs and keep them engaging, and how to avoid creative burnouts and more.
  • This new feature will not work like other competitors where the songs can be instantly made available, as artists can control their date of release here.
  • You have to understand that this is not a click and upload process, and instead is a bit elaborated.
  • You can take help of Spotify approved labels and distributors, or you will have to arrange the distribution yourself if you are an independent artist.
  1. Upload Music to Spotify Playlist

The idea of adding songs to a Spotify playlist is different from uploading your songs to this music streaming service. If you have some songs on your mobile, and you wish to hear them, Spotify is also an all-in-one music player.

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  • Called something as local files, Spotify allows you to add songs stored on your local storage and add them to your playlist.
  • The desktop and mobile instructions are largely the same, and identical, except that you can use the first to add songs, and then use your mobile to download them.
  • On your desktop app, go to the down arrow icon to expand, and scroll to local files.
  • Any songs or compatible files in my music and downloads folder are automatically added to your Spotify.


  • You can also select add a source if you wish to add another folder and then add songs from there.
  • Currently, it supports mp3, mp4, and m4p (unless it contains video).

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