The iCloud was a major cloud storage service announced by Apple back in the day.

It was meant to be a central repository for all your stuff on iDevices.

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Upload Videos to iCloud from PC

Talking about users of Windows PC and Mac, both, you would like a way to access your iCloud Photos on your Windows PC as well.

  • You will be using the website and have to ‘Sign-In’ using the Apple ID.
  • In this case, you can access the iCloud Library from this software via a logged in session with your Apple ID.
  • You have to manually turn on iCloud Photos on this application by going to iCloud for ‘Window’> ‘Photos’> ‘Options’> ‘iCloud Photo Library’> ‘Done’> ‘Apply’.

Upload Videos to iCloud from Mac

When you are talking about using it from Mac, you have several options. Of course, you can go to the website and do your stuff.

  • On Mac, you should go to the Photos application and then click on a shared album from under the ‘Shared’ on the sidebar.
  • Then, click on ‘Add Photos and Videos’ then go ahead using the browser window and select all the videos you wish to upload to the ‘iCloud Drive’.
  • Finally, click on ‘Add’ and then they will be uploaded in a while depending on the size and internet speed.
  • You can also learn about sharing items for a moment or a collection to new albums at the same link above.

Upload Videos to iCloud from iPhone

When you are working on a mobile device, such as the new iPhone X or the previous versions, the manner of access to iCloud has been almost the same. The application UI on the web has remained similar. Now, if you want to manually backup your photos and videos from your iPhone, follow the below steps.

  • First, there are dozens of automatic backup software that will help you do this even when you are asleep.
  • You need to open your phone and go to the ‘Settings’, and then connect your phone to Wi-Fi, not mobile data.
  • You have to head to the and ‘Sign-In’, and if you do not have one, you can create one now. By default, you get 5GB of storage with an iDevice.
  • Then, you go to ‘Settings’ and ‘iCloud’ and ‘Storage & Backup’ and a window will pop up.
  • To turn on the backup, turn the slider left to right and it says ‘ON’.
  • Then, you can tap the ‘Back-Up Now’ button to upload all the videos and photos to the drive.


  • The ‘iCloud Photo Library’ works for photos and videos both, so do note that above.

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TO ensure you do not miss any videos, it is better to get a monthly plan for iCloud costing less than a dollar a month.

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