A cup of coffee in the morning acts as a great brain booster.

Not only does it soothes your mind but it also elevates the levels of energyMany people use coffee percolators instead of coffee making machinesCoffee percolators are inexpensive products and allow you to make delicious coffee easilyHow to use a percolator? Let’s find out!

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Coffee Percolator working Mechanism?

Today, we find a wide variety of percolators. We can differentiate between these machines based on their heating mechanisms. For instance, some of these machines are electrical while others are stovetop and campfire percolators.

Stainless steel is the main material used in the manufacturing of percolators. However, today, we can find glass lids, which allows you to see the process of percolation. No matter what type of percolator do you use, all of them follow the same process.

They work by using hot water to extract flavorful coffee from the ground coffee beans in a coarse manner. There are two chambers in a percolator. One chamber stacks on the other one.

You must fill water in the bottom chamber so that it rises via a small tube to reach the upper chamber that contains coffee beans. In the top chamber, you will see the accumulation of water. It is due to the pumping pressure that pushes the water from the lower chamber to the upper one.

When there is high pressure, the chamber pushes the water over the coffee grounds. This way, the percolator extract coffee from the beans. Moreover, the water heats the lower chamber again. The process repeats a few times until the percolator achieves the best flavor.

We recommend electric percolators because they stop automatically. On the other hand, if you are using a stovetop percolator, then you need to check it from time to time to make the coffee extraction is good.

How to use a coffee percolator?

As mentioned above, we recommend using an electric percolator, which automates the process and controls the level of water and temperature. You can also control the length of the coffee extraction process. For instance, if you like strong and dark coffee, it is important to use an electric percolator. So, how to use this type of percolator? Let us tell you that.

1. Clean the Percolator

First, you need to clean the percolator using dish soap. Make sure you use warm water. After washing the percolator, you need to rinse it using a soft cloth or towel. This is a good practice before using this machine.

Also, you need to clean and rinse the basket lid, the inside portion of the pot, and the filter basket. Don’t forget to clean the water pipe. This ensures you remove any previously made coffee residues. It is necessary because these residues can affect the taste of the coffee.

2. Grind the Beans

You need to grind the coffee beans so that you prevent over-extraction. Make sure you check the lower chamber of the percolator and the pot after the machine finishes the coffee brewing process. If there are any residues at the bottom, it means you have ground the beans finely. So, you need to act carefully.

3. Monitor the brewing process

After plugging in the percolator, the machine will start brewing the coffee immediately. You must monitor the process of brewing and check whether or not the brewing cycle completes in 5-6 minutes.

If yes, the percolator is doing fine. Some electric percolators have LED indicators or lights that show the status of brewing, completion of coffee brewing, etc. So, again, you need to monitor the progress.

Some electric percolators will stop automatically after finishing the process of brewing. On the other hand, some percolator products do not have the auto-shutoff feature.

4. Unplug the percolator

After completing the brewing process, your electric percolator will shut-off automatically. Although this is good, you need to unplug the device so that it cools down. Once you see that the percolator has cooled down, you can remove all parts or disassemble the machine. You can then clean the parts of the percolator.

Keep in mind to submerge the coffee percolator in the water. This is not an effective cleaning method because it can risk damage to the electric elements of the percolator. Use some soap water and a sponge. Dip the sponge in the soap water and slowly clean the pot and other parts.

Wrapping up, if you want a delicious cup of strong and flavorful coffee in the morning but can’t afford expensive espresso machines or coffee makers with grinders, the ideal solution is buying a coffee percolator. Not only does it come at an affordable price but it also works easily. You can use this machine to make full-bodied and flavorful coffee coarsely. Using a percolator is not difficult. It is simple. Refer to the above-mentioned guidelines.

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