Lots of people on Twitter use hashtags in their posts, and there are a few things you will need to know about doing this. It can be a very powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about using this symbol on Twitter.

  1. Understanding the Hashtag

First you will need to understand what hashtags are all about. This symbol is used alongside words that are relevant to the subject of the post. Hashtags help categorize tweets properly so they are easier to find with the search function.

  1. Selecting the Right Hashtags

It is important that you take the time to choose the right hashtags so they are as effective as possible. Keep in mind that hashtags are not case sensitive, but using capital letters can make them easier for people to read. Capitalize the first letter of every word. Also, make sure that you are using hashtags that are relevant to the subject you are discussing.

  1. Using Hashtags

When you write out a post in Twitter, you will put the hashtags at the very end of the post. Each new hashtag must have the “#” symbol. You can use multiple words run together in a single hashtag. These do count towards your word limit though, so keep that in mind.

  1. Search for Hashtags

When you click on a blue highlighted hashtag for a post on Twitter, you will be taken to a results page where you can see other posts with the same hashtags. This can be very useful if you are searching for specific types of posts on this site. You may also type a hashtag and then your search term in the search field.


  • It is not a good idea to use too many hashtags, as it can quickly annoy people. You don’t want it to have the opposite intended effect.
  • If you are trying to use hashtags to benefit your business, do your research first. Use relevant words and phrases that actually relate to your post. The more research you do, the more effective your hashtags will be.
  • Partnering up with a popular influencer can be a good way to increase the overall visibility of your hashtags. This will help you get your posts seen by as many people as possible.