It doesn’t matter if you’re a store-owner or the CEO of a multi-million-dollar company, we need an online presence to make the business work.

Here’s how to make a Twitter business account.

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How to Create a Twitter Business Page?

If you want to boost your company’s sales and create a good image online, it is imperative to be present on the most popular social media platform, Twitter.

  • Go on to the Twitter website – using your PC and Sign-Up using your name, email ID and a new password. Use your name as it can be customized later on.
  • Don’t use your personal email for this purpose as Twitter only allows one email per account.
  • Follow the complete Sign-Up process following the onscreen instructions to create your company’s account. You will also have to build your timeline for this purpose.
  • Authorize your account by confirming the received email from Twitter account verification. While customizing your Twitter handle, make sure that all the edits are consistent with that of the company.

How to Manage a Twitter Business Page?

There are a lot of things that you can do many approaches to be followed to optimize your company’s Twitter handle Here are a few steps to be taken to manage your account.

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  • Upload a header for your company. This will show up as the background of the profile picture on your page. Make sure that image size doesn’t exceed 5 MB.
  • It is also highly important that you upload your profile image for your followers to recognize the brand. The image could be of the logo or something that relates to it.
  • Next, since all the information couldn’t be provided on the Twitter page itself, a link to the company’s website should also be provided.
  • This is necessary for the reference of whoever is visiting the page. Next, a bio should also be written about the company’s services, products and also its vision.

How Often to Post on Twitter Business Page?

It is quite debatable how often one is supposed to post on the Twitter page to keep it active. Nonetheless, here are a few facts that can’t be doubted.

  • It is remarked that people are most active during the evening time from 5 pm to 9 pm the most, especially during the weekdays.
  • Your post on Twitter should be timed such that most of your target audience is online to see your content.
  • For this, you will first need to post a lot during the initial days until you achieve a good audience. Henceforth, take a survey depending on the content quality.
  • The survey could assess the reaction of the audience and how many people could the post reach.


  • Keep the page clean and use error-free language to attract educated people.
  • Never be opinionated about political matters or other topics that might turn people against your business.
  • Invest in branding by advertising your product. Campaigning is one of the most important steps you can take to take your brand forward.

Investing in sponsored posts is also considered a good approach.

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