Knowing how to post on Twitter will help you to enjoy the full functionality of this social platform.

Each content item you create is called a “tweet”. These steps will help you to post the perfect tweet.

  1. Complete the login process to access your Twitter profile. If you are not on this social platform, then you will need to create a username. Apps follow a different sequence than the main website, so follow the instructions from your preferred device.
  2. Twitter limits your tweets to 280 characters today, which is double the 140-character limit from when the platform first started. You will need to be specific about what you want to say. Then type in the content in the appropriate box, which is usually at the top left corner of the page.
  3. Use a link shortening service, such as, if you need to share a website with a tweet. Using the entire URL will quickly use up your character count.
  4. If you want to send a public tweet to someone else on the platform, then enter their @username at the beginning of your post.
  5. When you want to mention someone else in a tweet, then you will want to include their @username in the context of the message.

TIP: Tweets can have consequences. Many employers review an applicant’s social media profile to evaluate the quality of the content shared. This action can result in positive or negative responses.

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