Twitter is social media sites, where you can follow your favorite celebrities, tweet, revert to their tweets, like their tweets, and more. Follow these steps to use Twitter:

Use the Twitter App

If you want to use Twitter app for tweeting, sharing the videos, creating hashtags, and more, create a Twitter account.

  • ‘Download and Install’ the Twitter app if you are using it on your mobile, or go to the official Twitter website.
  • Tap on Sign-Up. You have to provide your details such as your name, contact, email ID, and more to create an account. Twitter – will send you an email to ‘Verify Your Email ID’.
  • If you provide a phone number instead of email, you have to ‘Verify Your Phone Number’.
  • Once you have created your Twitter account, customize your account page by uploading your Twitter photo and background image. Start tweeting and following.

Use Twitter Emojis

Emojis are the best way to convey how you feel for a particular matter. Just tapping on the Emoji is enough to send the Emoji. This will save you time that you spend on writing texts.

  • Open the Twitter app on your device. Sign-In with your credentials. Tap on the ‘Tweet’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Emoji’ button on your Twitter keyboard. The smiley face is the Emoji button. You can get to see many Emojis. Choose the Emojis that you want to send.
  • Tap an ‘Emoji’ and tap ‘Tweet’. You can send as many Emojis as possible. But, you cannot select multiple Emojis. You have to tap one after the other.

Use Twitter Hashtags

Hashtags are more popular on Twitter. People create hashtags before a relevant keyword or phrase in their tweet to group the tweets and help them show easily.

  • If you want to create hashtags, you need to as usual sign in to your Twitter account with your credentials.
  • Remember that you should not add space or punctuation in a hashtag. Otherwise, it won’t work properly.
  • If you tweet with a hashtag, anyone who searches that hashtag may find your tweet. It is better to use 2 hashtags in a tweet rather than using more.
  • You can key in the hashtags on the search bar of the Twitter to get the tweets with those hashtags.

Use Twitter Live

You can go Twitter live to know what is happening around the world. If you go live, anyone on Twitter can join your live video and take part in your experience.

  • Open the Twitter app and Sign-In with your credentials. Tap on the ‘Live Camera’ icon, and tap on ‘Ok Got it’.
  • Allow Twitter to access your camera. Go to ‘Settings>Privacy>Camera>Enable Twitter’. Allow audios too.

Use Twitter for Marketing

These days, businesses do influencer marketing on Twitter to brand or promote their business. If you too want to market your business or products on Twitter, follow these steps.

  • Use Twitter tools to find industry influencers, generate leads, manage who you follow, analyze your competition, trending topics, and more.
  • Make sure to create a Twitter profile that is pleasing and informative. Optimize your profile and get verified.
  • Include the key details of your business or products such as brand name, slogan, campaign name, industry buzzwords, and more.
  • Create convincing marketing content that could seize your viewers’ attention. Use multimedia tools to get more leads.
  • Post tweets or videos regularly. Engage with your audience. Review your business and brand and measure the outcomes.
  • Implement advanced marketing strategies to drive more leads.

How do beginners use twitter?

Twitter for Beginners: The Complete Guide
  1. Step 1: Set Up Your Profile. Choose your profile name (aka handle).
  2. Step 2: Follow Some People. This is important for two reasons.
  3. Step 3: Understand the Twitter Lingo.
  4. Step 3: Decide What Content to Tweet About.
  5. Step 4: Join Trending Hashtags.
  6. Step 5: Maintain Your Channel.

What is Twitter and how do you use it?

Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets. Tweets can be up to 140 characters long and can include links to relevant websites and resources. Twitter users follow other users. If you follow someone you can see their tweets in your twitter ‘timeline’.

Should I use my real name on twitter?

Your username, or handle, is your identity on Twitter, and is preceded by the at (@) symbol. Ideally, as an individual, your username should be your real name. For example, if your name was John Smith, your Twitter username should be, in an ideal world, @JohnSmith.

Who sees my tweets?

After you protect your Tweets, only you and your followers can read your updates or see your Tweets in Twitter search. If you at one time had public Tweets (before protecting your Tweets), those Tweets will no longer be public or appear in public Twitter search results.

Can someone know if you look at their twitter?

Simply put, no. There is no way for a Twitter user to know exactly who views their Twitter or specific tweets; there’s no Twitter search for that kind of thing. The only way to know for sure if someone has seen your Twitter page or posts is through direct engagement — a reply, a favorite, or a retweet.

Can you follow someone on Twitter without them knowing?

No you cannot secretly follow someone on Twitter. Users on Twitter are notified when someone follows them on Twitter.

Can you start a tweet with a hashtag?

On Twitter, adding a “#” to the beginning of an unbroken word or phrase creates a hashtag. When you use a hashtag in a Tweet, it becomes linked to all of the other Tweets that include it. Including a hashtag gives a Tweet context and can give a conversation longevity.

What are disadvantages of twitter?

Twitter has a 140-character limit to its posts, therefore, users must type tweets concisely. Users cannot tweet videos from uploading. Users can only allow send a maximum of 1000 tweets a day.

How do I get my tweets noticed?

8 Simple Tips for Getting Noticed on Twitter
  1. Post Consistently.
  2. Add a Hashtag to Each Tweet.
  3. Share Content From Other Creators.
  4. Jump in on Trending Topics.
  5. Always Engage With Your Community.
  6. Find & Join Twitter Chats for Your Industry.
  7. Use Relevant Keywords & Hashtags in Your Bio.
  8. Link Your Twitter Profile Whenever Appropriate.

What happens if you start a tweet with?

If you start a tweet with @username, it’s a reply.

And will only be seen by the person you replied to and people who are following both of you. Nobody else will see it in their stream (although it will show up on your profile page and in Twitter search).

How can I make my tweet popular?

Here are our top 8 tips:
  1. Tweet frequently.
  2. Optimize your posting time.
  3. Post visual content.
  4. Utilize hashtags.
  5. Engage with replies, retweets and tags.
  6. Create an inviting profile.
  7. Identify followers within your network.
  8. Draw in followers outside of Twitter.

Why my tweets are not visible?

Unless your Tweets are protected, any person on Twitter can see your Tweets. We do not block, limit, or remove content based on an individual’s views or opinions. In some situations, your Tweet may not be seen by everyone, as outlined below: Abusive and spammy behavior.

Is all my tweets safe?

You don’t need to worry about the safety of your account since AllMyTweets is an authorized account that prioritizes the security of your account. As you log in, the app will ask your authorization. Once you allow it, it will read the tweets from your timeline and will be able to see who you follow.

What is the tweet limit?

Current Twitter limits

Tweets: 2,400 per day. The daily update limit is further broken down into smaller limits for semi-hourly intervals. Retweets are counted as Tweets.

How do you reply to a tweet?

From or the Twitter for iOS or Android app, tap on the compose Tweet button.

Replies in conversations

  1. Find the Tweet you want to reply to.
  2. Click or tap the reply icon.
  3. Type in your message and click or tap Reply to post it.