Twitter is a micro-blogging site mainly used for short and crisp social media discussions and sharing ideas.

You can follow people tooHere are 3 ways to find someone.

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Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number

This is completely possible when you have complete details on your contacts such as their email address and phone number in your address book and then join Twitter. For a broader view on finding people on Twitter, you can read this article from Twitter help pages.

  • To find a specific person, you need his username which is the best way for those people who are not in your contact list. If you are trying to find your friends, you can go to your contacts and import them.
  • You can upload your contacts to Twitter ( to see suggestions when you look for someone. Your account may also appear as a suggestion for them to follow you.
  • If their phone number is also included, then you can only do the above, but you cannot search for them directly using the search bar. However, these settings can be disabled by people in which case you will not be able to.
  • Go to whom to follow box, and click on ‘Search Twitter’, and then select search contacts. This is where, you can ‘Log-In’ to your email ID from Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo, and import them.
  • Those who have their phone numbers and have enabled the discoverability settings can be found using their phone number. People who are already on Twitter will only be shown.
  • Go to ‘Privacy & Safety’, and click on ‘Discoverability’, and then turn-on or turn-off these features: Let others find you by your email and let others find you by your email and uncheck or check one or both. Finally, click on ‘Save Changes’ to commit them.

Find Someone on Twitter Without Signing Up

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At many times you do not have a Twitter account and yet would like to find people and important personalities for an occasional look at some discussion and comments and so on. In such cases, being forced to ‘Sign-Up’ for Twitter is not a necessity. Unfortunately, you will not be able to follow anyone without signing up though.

  • There can be two things that you’d like to do even if you do not have a Twitter account yet, follow someone without letting them know, and read Twitter without creating an account.
  • Despite obvious benefits to having an account, you can still be able to read the tweets made by other users, and this also gives you free exposure, since signing up is free.
  • You can use any internet search engine like Google or Bing, and search for the Twitter account of the person you are looking for.
  • Once you are sure, you have found the right person and you have found their Twitter page, simply go to their Twitter page, and you can read the tweets without needing to create your account.
  • But, you will have to bookmark the page, on most browsers using Ctrl+D, and then get back to it whenever you need it.

Find Someone on Twitter by Email

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Looking for someone specific by the email address is the easiest option since an email address is a bare necessity and mandatory to create a Twitter account in the first place. You can go through the same process as explained above to add your contacts using the email address contacts or address book.

  • To browse by email, you have to go to the search bar and click on ‘Search Twitter’ or you can search for them using their username if you know it.
  • When you add the contacts by email address, all those people who are on Twitter will be shown to you as suggestions, and you can pick from them.
  • Personalized account recommendations connect you with all those people that are present in your device’s address book too.
  • Note that you cannot search for someone directly by their email address in the search bar, it is not allowed by Twitter.
  • Learn more about this from here (


  • With an account on Twitter, you do not have to bookmark some people’s Twitter pages when you can simply follow them by clicking on the follow button.
  • Celebrities often use username instead of their real names, and hence it matters to find them using their username only.

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