Amazon, being the largest E-commerce site, allows and offers payments through various modes.

That includes PayPal too which is also widely popular.

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Use PayPal to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Initially, when PayPal was a part of eBay, Amazon wouldn’t work with the company despite its huge popularity, but since then it has become an independent entity. So you cannot use it directly there are workarounds.

  • The easiest way to buy anything from PayPal is to purchase ‘Amazon Gift Cards’ with your PayPal account.
  • You can buy ‘Amazon Gift Cards’ from various places and use your PayPal balance for the same.
  • And, then you can go and make shopping using your gift card normally on Amazon, and checkout with that as the ‘Payment Option’.
  • Here is a proper official help page from Amazon that shows you can redeem a gift card.

Use PayPal on Amazon Mobile

When using a mobile device, you are using the Amazon app, and this means that you have to link the PayPal into Amazon for payments; else you cannot make a purchase. But, there is a simple workaround, though for the first time you have to have patience and give it a couple of days of testing.

  • You can get a PayPal cash card or Business Debit Mastercard and top it up with your regular PayPal balance.
  • This is best if you plan to use regularly your PayPal Cash card for shopping on Amazon or other sites too because it will act as a debit card only, not requiring any via through PayPal.
  • Also, applying for a PayPal card is very simple too, and you can enjoy all benefits across the world, including withdrawals and cash transfers.

Checkout with PayPal on Amazon

The ways to checkout with PayPal on Amazon are very limited because of the feud that we explained in the very first paragraph. According to users, workarounds re the only way as it seems now.

  • There is an official link ( from PayPal that lists the potentially recommended ways to do so.
  • This method works for both Amazon app and in the UK, Canada, and other countries too where PayPal cards will work.
  • There is not ‘Direct Checkout with PayPal’ in the payment methods, and so you have to do some testing to see if it is successful before making it the norm.


The payment method via PayPal is always a two-step process and requires a few days of patience.

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