iCloud is not only for storing backup and photos but it can also store your messages or iMessage.

Sometimes, you lost your phone containing important conservations. But iCloud can save you if you have enabled backing up of iMessage or Messages to iCloud storage. In this guide you will learn how to view iMessage on iCloud.

How to view iMessage on iCloud on iPhone and iPad

Before you start following the guide, make sure that you have updated iOS to 11.4 or more. If you have iOS version older than this, update it first.

Now make sure that you have enabled iMessage access to iCloud Storage. To do so,

  • Open settings. This is gear like icon on your home screen
  • In settings window, tap on your profile, located at the top of the settings menu.
  • If you are not already sign in, give your ID and password to sign in.
  • Tap on iCloud Storage.
  • You will see list of apps that can use iCloud storage to store their data. Find iMessage from the list and toggle its switch button to ON.

If you are on Mac follow the steps below

  • Click on Messages located at the top right menu bar of the screen.
  • Click on preferences.
  • Click on Accounts Tab.
  • Find and check the box saying, enable messages in iCloud. By checking this option means that your messages will be stored in your iCloud storage. In case of any accidental loss of data, you can access them via iCloud.

Now, all your conservation will store in iCloud from now. Now if you have lost your conservation and want to view it, you have to backup it from the iCloud to your phone. Following steps will explain to restore iMessage from iCloud.

Way 1:

This method says that if you have lost your data, reset your phone by going to settings>general and erase all content.

When your phone restarts, set up your phone by completing all initial steps, and the phone will prompt you to restore from iCloud.

By restoring at this stage, whole of your data saved to iCloud will be restored in your phone.

Way 2:

This method is more efficient than the first because by this method you can only view and restore selective data and off course iMessage’s instead of restoring the whole data.

For this download iMyPhone software for mac. https://www.imyfone.com/backup-and-restore-iphone/

Connect your phone with mac and open this software.

  • Click on partial restore after selecting iCloud storage.
  • Click on messages.
  • It will scan messages from iCloud backup and will show you them.
  • Select the messages you want to restore. Click on restore.
  • Done!

Backup WhatsApp to iCloud

 iCloud and WhatsApp has worked pretty well to make a link between them. iOS users has facility to make backup of WhatsApp directly to their iCloud. In case, if they lost their device or migrate WhatsApp to other device, they can restore backup from iCloud.

Follow the steps to integrate iCloud with WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp on your iOS device.
  • Tap on menu icon located at the top right corner of screen.
  • Tap settings.
  • Tap chat.

You will option there to enable backup your chat including photos, videos and other media contents.

Tip: It is recommended to enable “Find my phone”, because iCloud will help you out to find your lost or stolen phone or at least you can erase your data remotely if you have set up iCloud and enabled find my phone option. It can save you from any data security threats.

How can I see old iMessages on iCloud?

Click the “iMessage” tab at the top of the Preferences window. 5. Click the checkbox next to where it says “Enable Messages in iCloud.” If there are messages available to sync, you can click “Sync Now” to have your message history synced as well as all future messages.

How do I see iMessage history?

You can view your iMessage history by tapping Messages and then scrolling through your conversations. If your device is set to never delete conversations, all messages will be stored on your device and you can look through them.

Why can’t I see my messages on iCloud?

If you enabled Messages in iCloud but aren’t seeing messages from other devices, it probably is because syncing is incomplete. When you first sync Messages via iCloud, you will have to connect your device to Wi-Fi and connect it to power (or keep it charging) and wait for messages to sync.

Can I see my iMessages online?

There are really only two options to access iMessage online and they both require you to have either a Mac on hand or an iPhone or iPad connected to the same network. There currently is no way to get iMessage if you don’t have an Apple device to relay the message to and from.

How do I view iMessages on my iPhone?

How to enable iMessage on iPhone
  1. In Settings, scroll until you find “Messages” and tap. In Settings, find Messages.
  2. At the top of the screen, find iMessage. At the top, find the iMessage toggle.
  3. If the slider on the right is green, iMessage is already enabled. If not, tap the slider to enable iMessage.

How can I check my iMessages from another phone?

Even if you sign out her iCloud account and sign in her phone to your account, there is no way to retrieve your previosly sent messages. In order to see your messages on her phone, you would have to set it up to receive all your iMessages.

How can I read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone?

KidsGuard Pro is the best app to find out who your boyfriend is texting. It has two versions of iPhone and Android, which means that no matter if your boyfriend is using iPhone or Android phone, you can get KidsGuard Pro to view his messages.

Does iCloud save text messages?

Apple’s Messages in iCloud service can be used to backup all your text messages to the cloud so that you can download them to your new iPhone – and keep them in sync across all your Apple devices, so that every message and reply can be viewed on every device.

How do you find hidden messages on iPhone?

So, if you want to find hidden text messages on your iPhone, just access to your iPhone and open Message, you’ll see all the messages there. The only difference is that text messages from unknown senders, you need to switch to the Unknown Senders list.

Is there a secret folder on iPhone?

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the Hidden album is on by default, but you can turn it off. When you turn off the Hidden album, any photos or videos that you’ve hidden won’t be visible in the Photos app. To find the Hidden album: Open Photos and tap the Albums tab.

Do iPhones have secret messages?

You can lock or hide messages, and even turn off message previews on iPhone so that your personal information stays private. There are even some secret text messaging apps for iPhones.

Can you hide iMessage conversations?

Apple doesn’t provide a native option for hiding text messages inside the Messages app. However, there’s a useful Cydia tweak called HiddenConvos, which allows you to hide any conversation in the Messages app with a simple swipe and tap.

How do you find hidden text messages?

How can I see hidden conversations on Messenger?
  1. Open Up Messenger And Go To Your “Me” Screen. Select “Me” in from the bottom menu, and you’ll get this screen.
  2. Select “Secret Conversations
  3. Tap “OK”
  4. To Send A Secret Conversation.

Is there a way to hide texts?

The most simple way to hide text messages on your Android phone is by securing it with a password, fingerprint, PIN or lock pattern. If someone can’t get past the lock screen they can’t access your text messages.

How do I make my Imessages private?

Go to Settings > Notifications and scroll down until you find Messages. In the Messages section scroll down to Show Previews. By default this will be set to Always. Tap on that and choose: Never.

How do you get your messages to pop up as iMessage?

How do you lock Imessages on iPhone?

Just open up Settings, select Messages, and slide that circle next to iMessage over to the closed setting, as seen below.