North Face is one of the most coveted jacket brands in the world.

Most people like it for its durability, high-quality, functionality, and stylish designsThat’s why it’s important to take care of it to increase the lifespan of the jacketYou need to clean and store it properly to keep your North Face jacket for a longer periodUnlike other regular jackets, there’s a specific way on how to clean itThis will prevent the jacket from incurring any damages such as shrinking, stains, or holes.

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Here we will show you steps on how to wash your North Face jacket the right way.

The Material

North Face Jackets are made of high-quality materials, and that’s the reason why you need to wash those using specific methods for different materials. Here are the most common materials used for North Face jackets:

  • Thermoball – This material is excellent in trapping heat. Even when wet, it stays warm on the inside. Hence, it’s suitable for cold temperatures that can run for below zero. It’s also waterproof, so even when it rains outside, you’ll remain dry and comfortable.
  • Gore-Tex membrane – This material is mostly preferable for water-resistant jackets that maintain excellent breathable quality. When you’re sweating a lot while on a hike or skiing, it can easily evaporate through the fabric. You won’t feel moisture inside whenever you’re in any outdoor activity.
  • Windstopper and Polartec – Both the materials improve insulation. They can withstand the worst temperatures without feeling uncomfortable wearing it. They are windproof and water-resistant, as it has a thinner material compared to the other materials mentioned above.
  1. Washing a Thermoball Jacket
  • Close all the zippers on your jacket, including the pocket zippers before washing. Failure to do so may cause deformation to the jacket while washing.
  • Always wash this jacket by using warm water and mild powder detergent.
  • Please do not use bleach or fabric softeners as it will damage the color and quality of the jacket. Also, do not mix the jacket with other clothes in the washer. The jacket might be deformed when mixed with other clothes.
  • Wash it on a slow cycle.
  • Repeat the rinse cycle to ensure that you rinse out all the detergent soap during the process. Also, repeat the spin cycle to drain excess water from the jacket.
  • When taking out the jacket after washing, never lift it for it will damage the jacket. Always scoop the jacket from the bottom to protect its form.
  • When drying it, please do not put it in the dryer but rather air-dry it.
  1. Washing a Gore-Tex Membrane Jacket
  • Ensure that you close all zippers of the jacket.
  • Use a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Never use the strong ones since the jacket doesn’t need to be deep cleaned that much.
  • Set the washing machine into a slow or gentle cycle using warm water. Make sure you check the water temperature before running the cycle.
  • Just like the thermo ball, do not mix the jacket with other clothing while washing. It’s sensitive enough to change its original form quickly.
  • Rinse the jacket twice to remove all the detergent debris.
  • Again, when taking out the jacket after washing, do not pull it immediately. Instead, slowly scoop it out, supporting the bottom.
  • We recommend that you air-dry jackets. However, for this material, you may dry the jacket in the dryer but only use the lowest temperature.
  1. Washing a Windstopper or Polartec Jacket
  • For this one, it’s not necessary to close all the zippers. You may do either way.
  • One must wash the jacket with warm water, ensuring that you check the temperature beforehand.
  • Only use mild liquid detergent. The jacket’s material doesn’t sit well with a strong detergent, bleach, fabric conditioners, and other chemicals.
  • Unlike the other two jackets above, you can wash this jacket with your other clothes.
  • Use a gentle cycle when washing to avoid any creases on your jacket. You may pull and twist the jacket to avoid it from creasing as well.
  • Rinse it twice to get rid of detergent and excess water.
  • One can either air-dry it or with an electric dryer while still maintaining a low temperature.

Important Tips

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  • Always look at the jacket’s tag for instructions. It should give you specific instructions on how it’s supposed to be washed, dried, and stored.
  • Most North Face jackets are designed with a DWR (durable water repellent). It’s a coating applied outside the jacket so it could be waterproof. That’s the reason why you shouldn’t wash your jackets harshly so the DWR can work for a long time.
  • To improve the DWR on your jacket, you may purchase a DWR spray such as tectron and revivex. These will maintain the jacket’s waterproof functionality whenever you start noticing the water coming through inside.
  • Wash your jackets regularly to avoid dirt forming that can cause damage to the jacket’s DWR.
  • Most North Face jackets have Velcro fasteners, make sure that you also close them before washing.
  • If you don’t have time to wash your jackets, you may have it washed by a professional cleaning service that specializes in these types of jackets. This will help you as well to maintain its quality and use it for a long time.
  • When storing jackets, do not overpopulate them in the closet since it might cause it to shrink or deform. Give the jackets enough space and always hang them neatly.

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