1. Preparation

Before you began the process of washing your Patagonia down jacket it is important that you begin by preparing it ready for the washing process. This helps in minimizing the risk of damage. We are going to provide you with the obvious activities that you should undertake before you carry out the washing process.

  • Check all the zippers and pockets

Lay your Patagonia down jacket on the table and zip up all the zippers. These zippers include the central one, pit vent zippers, side zippers and pockets. The reason why we recommend that you close the zippers is because they can catch the fabric and rip it off.

To avoid damaging your jacket, kindly follow this precaution. At all times whenever you want to wash your Patagonia down jacket this should be your first thing to do.

Also, you are required to check whether there is anything left on the pockets.So before you zip up the zip pocket ensure you have emptied everything in the pocket.

  • Fasten all flaps and straps

Clearly check out whether your jacket has flaps and straps. If present fasten and close them closed. This ensures they do not catch the fabric thereby tearing the jacket off.

  • Turn the jacket inside out

We recommend that you turn your jacket inside out.  This ensures that your jacket clean better and that the shell is not damaged.

  • Check out the instructions label

This should be the last step under preparation. You should check out the instructions label that comes with your jacket. Ideally, this is where you find all the information regarding the correct settings of washing. Whether you seek to wash down the jacket using a machine or by hand all information is provided

NB: Even though we have provided you with a step by step approach of washing Patagonia down jacket it is important to check out the instructions label in attached to your jacket. This is because different type of Patagonia jackets may have specific requirements.

  1. Washing down the Patagonia jacket on the washing machine

This step calls you to set up the machine washer to wash your jacket.

  • Add technical wash specifically designed for down garment. You will notice that each brand has its own specifications. Therefore, it is important for you to take your time to read through the list of directions labeled on the technical wash bottle. This will guide you in knowing how much to add.
  • Set the load size of the washer machine to small.
  • Let the temperature of the water on the washing machine to be cold/cold.
  • Allow the washing machine to run on a gentle and normal wash cycle.
  • Leave the jacket on the washing machine and run a rinse cycle on a second time.

NB: When adding soaps ensure you add as directed by the manufacturer. This is because adding more soap than necessarily will prevent your jacket from lofting completely.

Tip: if you find out that your Patagonia jacket has highly visible dirty spots around the neck or cuffs you can apply fabric stain remover on these areas. This should be done before you initiate the washing process.

  1. Drying

After you are completely satisfied that your Patagonia jacket is all clean the last step involves drying the jacket. Therefore, remove the jacket from the washing machine and place it on the dryer. For some reasons, this step is considered delicate. This is because if you apply too much heat you may end up destroying your jacket. You need some moderate heat to dry your jacket otherwise it will take you forever for your jacket to dry.  Here is how you should operate your dryer.

  • Add some tennis balls on the dryer. They work best ensuring that your jacket never clumps.
  • Set the dryer on a low heat setting operating on a normal dry cycle time.
  • Turn on the dryer.
  • It may take more than one cycle to completely dry the jacket.

Tips: Well, if you don’t have a dryer at home there is no cause to worry. You can choose to go for an environmentally friendly way of drying your jacket called air drying. It may take a couple of days to dry your jacket but it is the safest method. The number of days it takes to dry your jacket partly depends on the humidity level of your region.

Can you machine wash a down filled jacket?

Here’s how to wash your down jacket at home:

Find a front-loading washing machine; the agitator of a top-loader can damage down feathers. After the wash cycle, make sure the jacket gets a thorough rinse; maybe set it for an extra cycle. Once done, pop the jacket in the dryer on a low heat cycle.

Can you dry down jacket in dryer?

Most manufacturers recommend tumble drying as it does not damage the down feathers. It needs as much space as possible to expel moisture and water without crushing the fluffy feathers. Choose the low heat setting on the dryer. Machine drying a down jacket takes a few hours to fully dry the insulating material.

Can I machine wash puffer jacket?

Use a front-loading or newer top-loading machine to wash your puffer jacket, or hand wash if necessary. Typically, these types of washing machines don’t have the center agitator that can catch and tear materials, like the delicate top layer of a puffer coat.

Do Down Jackets need to be dry cleaned?

The heat preservation of down is mainly maintained by the fat of down. Once the fat is removed, the down will lose its own heat preservation performance and reduce its service life. Therefore, under normal circumstances, down jackets are not suitable for dry cleaning.

How do you dry clean a down jacket at home?

Dry the down item in a dryer with a large drum. Again, you need lots of room so air can circulate around your garment or comforter. Set the dryer to low or air dry. Toss in a few dryer balls or clean (emphasis on clean) tennis balls to keep the item tumbling so the down clumps less.

How do you fix a down jacket after washing it?

The Secret: Throw the puffer into the dryer on a low setting on its own, adding a few tennis balls to the machine. While the jacket dries, the tennis balls will bounce around the machine, constantly hitting the jacket like you would fluff a pillow back into shape.

Will washing a down coat ruin it?

It is best to wash your down jacket with a cleaner specifically designed for down or technical outerwear. Household detergents and softeners can damage the down and feathers and also strip the fabric of its water resistant coating (if applicable).

What can I use in dryer instead of tennis balls?

Instead of using a tennis ball, other objects can produce the same results. Tie a couple of T-shirts into balls and put them in the dryer with a single pillow. Add in a single clean shoe with multiple pillows. Small stuffed animals without any plastic parts can fluff the pillows and keep the dryer quiet.

How do you fluff a down jacket without a dryer?

If you hang your down jacket somewhere humid, it may begin to smell. Every thirty minutes, give the jacket a fluff. Take the down jacket off the hanger and shake it, massage it and gently pull the fibres. Repeat this every thirty minutes until the down jacket is dry.

Can you wash a down jacket without a tumble dryer?

To make a long story short: without a tumbledryer you should think twice before starting. You can try, of course, but you need be aware that the process of drying will take up to ten days. You will need to keep the product in a very dry place and turn it regularly.

How do you Unclump down?

To unclump the down, throw it into a dryer on the low setting and also throw in three or so tennis balls. This will tumble the sleeping bag or comforter around a bunch and while doing so the tennis balls will hit the clumps of down, destroying the clumps.

How can I make my fluffy jacket fluffy again?

How do you make a fleece jacket fluffy again?

How to Make Your Sherpa or Fleece Soft Again
  1. First off – quit washing your hoodies.
  2. When you do HAVE to wash it, quick gentle cycle it in cold water and don’t use fabric softener.
  3. Air dry your Sherpa or Fleece.
  4. When it’s done, use a bristle brush and gently comb it out in all directions.

How do you Unclump a feather in a jacket?

You can add tennis balls for washing down-filled garments. Add the balls into the washing machine and they will help to fluff the jacket during washing. Aside from water, the down also absorbs small particles of detergent that make the feathers clump together.

How do you Unclump a down duvet?

How can I make my North Face jacket fluffy again?

Run the coat through one extra rinse cycle in the washing machine. This will help ensure that all of the detergent is removed. Place the “The North Facecoat into the dryer on the lowest setting. Remove the coat promptly after drying to ensure that it does not wrinkle.

How do you get lumps out of a down jacket?

Run an extra warm rinse cycle to make sure there is no leftover soap sticking to the down. Toss your down jacket in the dryer with clean tennis balls and run on a LOW, DELICATE cycle until dry. Revel in your clean, fluffy, good as new, down jacket.