Water a Christmas Tree When at Home

  1. Immediately you get a fresh Christmas tree for your holiday, keep it in a bucket of water to keep it fresh

If you’d wish to store it for a couple of days, put it in warm water in a bucket instead. After that, keep it in a cool and shaded condition to maintain its freshness. If your tree had stayed for about 6-8 hours without getting appropriately watered, then you should cut ½ inch at the bottom of the tree to remove sap. This makes the tree to absorb water better to remain fresh.

  1. Measure the size of your Christmas tree stand

Before you can get a tree, measure the width to ensure that the tree fits perfectly. Since some trees have a metal component that restricts the tree sizes that can fit, determining the width would be more appropriate. Do not start shaving the trunk in case the tree doesn’t fit, as doing so may reduce the ability of the tree to hold water though it’s worth a try as your last option.

  1. Select a suitable stand

Christmas tree needs a deep stand that can keep sufficient water for the tree. As it’s conventionally, the tree needs 950 ml ( 4 cups) of water for every 1-inch diameter. Therefore, in a day, the Christmas tree requires 3800ml of water to maintain the leaves and keep the shape.

  1. Rest the temptation of adding substances into the water

Tap water is all that a Christmas tree needs to remain fresh.

Even though some people swear by additives, such as water-holding gels, flame-resistant, Aspirin, and lemon soda, it may not mean great for your tree. Some of these concoctions may only spell doom to your pets that might drink from the pot or perhaps your kids.

  1. Monitor daily water level and fill when necessary

Christmas tree cut requires a lot of water in its first week in the pot. Therefore, you should check the stand daily and top up the water with fresh water. Ensure you keep the cut portion of the trunk submerged or wait and see your tree dry up.

  1. Feel the leaves with your hands

Doing that helps to find out whether the tree is absorbing water properly, or it has stopped taking water. If you find that the leaves are dry but do not fall off when touched, your tree might not be absorbing water as anticipated. Therefore, you should check the level of water in the reservoir.

If the water level is okay, cut off about a half-inch at the bottom of the trunk to remove the sap and all the tree to take up enough water. Also, you can transfer it to a cool and shaded place. If the tree does not show any sign of improvement, throw it off.

  1. Boost humidity in the room

Using humidifiers to provide an optimum amount of humidity is one of the best ways of keeping the Christmas tree fresh over an extended period. Even though humidifiers brow moisture to the leaves and prevents them from drying, it should not be used as a substitute for watering, or else your tree may dry up.

  1. Keep the tree in a cool place to avoid water loss.

Keeping your tree away from various heat sources and sunlight keeps the water in the stand and leaves from evaporating. Doing that helps to keep the tree fresh and hydrated. Keep checking the leaves of your tree all the time as dry leaves may be a fire risk. If the leaves dry out completely, take the tree out of the room.

  1. Switch of the lights in the room or use LED lights

Lights can be of significant concern in a room where your Christmas tree is placed. Since most of the lights omit heat that can dry up the water in the stand pretty first, you should ensure that the lights remain off in the room when no one is inside. Alternatively, you can use LED lights since they have no heating effect on the tree and the water reservoir. And that’s it.

How to Water Christmas Tree when Away from Home

Materials and supplies needed

  • 1 Olive Christmas tree
  • 1 Olive Christmas tree  stand
  • A bucket of suitable length or any other suitable container
  • A box with a lid
  • Wrapping paper and a bow
  • 4 ft of 3/8-inch plastic tubing
  • 2-3/8 compression coupling by ¾-inch MIP Brass adapters
  1. Wrap the box

With your box having a space for holding your bucket, decorate the box and the lid separately.

  1. Position your box and bucket

Position the bucket where you can easily access it. Avoid positioning the reservoir at the back far back as you might be tempted. And if you do that, you might need to scroll to fill the reservoir with water. Have it in mind that you’re constructing the system to make your work easier but not more complicated than it could be. As such, avoid any decision that might burden you at the end.

  1. Install the brass fittings

Install your brass fittings on the plastic tube. These fittings serve to ensure the end of the tubing stays down I the bucket while the other one in the tree stands. Put the components of the brass adapter separately. Fix and tighten the compression nut, slide a compression nut at one end of the tube and follow it with a nylon or plastic bushing. After that, fix the tubing into the coupling body and then keep the nut tight onto the coupling by tightening it. This continues your adapter not to fall off. Repeat this step, fix the other end of the tubing.

Note: Use plastic or nylon bashing to avoid cutting your tube.

  1. Start the siphoning

Half-fill the Christmas tree stand as well as the reservoir with water. If you fill them above the brim, you might end up with a mess that might be costly to correct. Filling the two containers with water will make the tubing to be filled too. Then, get hold of a brass fitting with each hand and block the two openings of the tube with to move without spilling water on the floor.

Without removing the fingers, keep one end of the tubing submerged in the bucket and the other one in the tree stand. After that, lift your finger and push the tubing deep into the stand water reservoir. If you’ve done this correctly, you should have a functional siphon system with water arising up the tube from the bucket. 

  1. Keep the tubing securely

Ensure you keep the tubing securely to prevent the incidences of accidents that can compromise its effectiveness.

Note: If you have children and playful pets, this might not be the best option for you. Also, if successful with the earlier mentioned steps, this system can water your tree even when you’re on vacation.

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