What does it mean when someone is cryptic?

Definition of cryptic

1 : secret, occult. 2a : having or seeming to have a hidden or ambiguous meaning : mysterious cryptic messages cryptic prophecies. b : marked by an often perplexing brevity cryptic marginal notes.

What is an example of cryptic?

The definition of cryptic is defined as something with unclear or hidden meaning, or a secret. A coded message is an example of something cryptic. A letter written in invisible ink is an example of something cryptic.

Does cryptic mean dark?

Frequently Asked Questions About cryptic

Some common synonyms of cryptic are ambiguous, dark, enigmatic, equivocal, obscure, and vague. While all these words mean “not clearly understandable,” cryptic implies a purposely concealed meaning.

What was the cryptic message?

A cryptic remark or message contains a hidden meaning or is difficult to understand.

Is Crypticity a word?

noun. 1 rare The quality of being enigmatic or mysterious.

How do you write a cryptic sentence?

(1) He has issued a short, cryptic statement denying the spying charges. (2) My father’s notes are more cryptic here. (3) I received a cryptic message through the post. (4) She made a cryptic comment about how the film mirrored her life.

How do you use cryptically in a sentence?

in a cryptic manner. 1 ‘Yes and no,’ she replied cryptically. 2 “Not necessarily,” she says cryptically. 3 Michael cryptically replies, “I don’t have a few years.”

What are cryptic crosswords?

A cryptic crossword is a crossword puzzle in which each clue is a word puzzle. … Compilers of cryptic crosswords are commonly called “setters” in the UK and “constructors” in the US.

What is the meaning of indefatigably?

: incapable of being fatigued : untiring an indefatigable worker.

What is the sentence of obscure?

How to use obscure in a sentence. When we got to the house we entered an obscure corridor and began to find our way up a dark and narrow staircase. Disillusionment cut him to the quick, but had no power to obscure his rosy views of human nature.

What does tractable mean?

Definition of tractable

1 : capable of being easily led, taught, or controlled : docile a tractable horse. 2 : easily handled, managed, or wrought : malleable.

What is Fatigable?

fatigable in American English

(ˈfætɪgəbəl ) adjective. that can be fatigued or easily tired. Derived forms.

What does Unflaggingly mean?

1 : not flagging : tireless unflagging enthusiasm.

What is Unfeign?

Definition of unfeigned

: not feigned or hypocritical : genuine.

Is tractability a word?

easily managed or controlled; docile; yielding: a tractable child; a tractable disposition.

What is the meaning of unremittingly?

: not remitting : constant, incessant unremitting pain.

What is meant by unheralded?

Definition of unheralded

: not heralded: such as. a : not publicly acclaimed an unheralded film an unheralded opponent. b : coming or occurring without advance notice : unexpected …

What does it mean ramshackle?

Definition of ramshackle

1 : appearing ready to collapse : rickety. 2 : carelessly or loosely constructed a ramshackle plot.