What do I need to know before reading Infinite Jest?

These tips can help.
  • Read It With A Friend. Giphy. …
  • Take Notes. Giphy. …
  • Or Take Someone Else’s Notes. Giphy. …
  • Use Caution When Admitting Non-Jest Reading Material Into Your Life. …
  • No, Really: Use Extreme Caution When Admitting Non-Jest Reading Material Into Your Life. …
  • Make A Schedule. …
  • And Then Let Yourself Disregard That Schedule.

How many hours does it take to read Infinite Jest?

The average reader will spend 32 hours and 15 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

Is Infinite Jest hard?

It’s typically regarded as difficult reading, due partly to its narrative structure, but mostly because of its length. Infinite Jest is 1,079 pages long, making it not ideal for subway reading but extremely effective as an emergency doorstop.

Do you need to read Infinite Jest twice?

Read it the way Wallace intended first. Hell, you should probably read it at least twice as it is before opting for this route. Wallace had very good reasons for ordering the book the way he did. The book’s sequencing is just as big a part of its artistic/philosophical statement as any sentence or character.

How long is gravity’s rainbow?

Gravity’s Rainbow
First edition cover design
Author Thomas Pynchon
Published 1973 (Viking Press) 1974 (Bantam Books) 1987 (Penguin Books)
Pages 760
Dewey Decimal 813.54

How many words are in Don Quixote?

345,390 words
Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes – 345,390 words.

Is Infinite Jest worth finishing?

Infinite Jest seems an almost absurd time commitment, but in terms of changing the way you look at the world, and giving you things to think about for years to come, it is absolutely worth reading, and I would also venture that it is much better for your brain than the vast majority of other things you could be doing …

Is Infinite Jest depressing?

A Twitter feed that will keep moving with my eyes until the end of time. There are parts of Infinite Jest that feel like the most savage futuristic satire ever made, a Super Sad True Love Story before Super Sad True Love Story. Other parts feel as gritty and sad and true as the best Stephen King.