How old is Mr. Sinister?

Even though he looked like an 11-year-old, he’d actually been alive since the mid-century at this point—he was actually about 50 […]

When was Nathaniel Essex born?

July 8, 1832
Nathaniel Essex
Mr. Sinister
Biographical information
Born July 8, 1832
Birthplace London, England
Aliases/Nicknames Dr. Nathaniel Essex Mr. Sinister Sinister Lucifer White Devil Mr. Sinista

Is Mr. Sinister immortal?

Sinister’s abilities concerns his body. His control over his cellular structure is so complete, it not only makes him immortal, but makes him practically impossible to eliminate.

What is Mr. Sinister real name?

Nathaniel Essex
221 in 1987 (though mentioned earlier), Mister Sinister is the creation of Chris Claremont and artist Marc Silvestri. Like most X-Men characters, he has a complex backstory that has only grown more intricate through the years. Born Nathaniel Essex, Sinister was a Victorian era contemporary of Charles Darwin.

Is Apocalypse an Omega-level mutant?

Professor Xavier, The Shadow King, and Apocalypse have all been listed as Alpha mutants in the past. Omega mutants: Omegas have no clear upper threshold to their powers. Often their powers can affect the whole world. Jean Grey, Emma Frost, and Iceman, are Omega class.