Is Chris Schauble still on KTLA?

Chris Schauble is the co-anchor of KTLA 5 Morning News from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2001, Chris has earned multiple awards, including two Emmy awards and five Golden Mike Awards.

Who is the new anchor on KTLA?

Emmy Award-winning Lynette Romero brings extensive news experience to her role as a reporter and anchor to the KTLA 5 Morning News.

How old is Chris on KTLA?

Chris Burrous
Born Christopher Rocky Burrous11 January 1975 Santa Clara, California
Died December 26, 2018 (aged 43) Glendale, California
Alma mater Chapman University
Spouse(s) Mai Do Burrous

How much do news anchors make KTLA?

The average KTLA Salary for News Anchors is $142,873 per year.

Is Mark Mester leaving KTLA?

The weekend anchor is not leaving KTLA for another news channel. According to The Focus, Mark is on vacation. Reportedly, his co-host, Lynette Romero, clarified that he would be back next week.

How long has Chris Schauble been at KTLA?

Chris Schauble KTLA 5 News

Since his work in Los Angeles in 2001, he has won numerous awards, including two Emmy Awards and five Golden Mike Awards. In 2007, he was also named in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” list (laughs and admits he no longer qualifies).

Did Liberte Chan get married?

Brian Chase and Liberte Chan tied the knot at Greystone Mansion Garden in 2012. He was her first-ever boyfriend, and their wedding was royal and exquisite.

How much does a Fox News anchor make a year?

The host of Fox News “Special Report with Bret Baier”, Baier is making a name for himself as one of the five top-rated news anchors in the U.S. He earns a salary of $7 million annually and his net worth stands at an estimated $16 million in 2019.

What nationality is Megan Henderson?

Megan Henderson/Nationality

How old is Dayna?

56 years (March 20, 1965)
Dayna Devon/Age

Why did Barbara Beck leave KTLA?

KTLA-TV Channel 5 morning news anchor Barbara Beck quit Wednesday in an apparent dispute with producers and station management. Beck, one of the original members of the morning news team that is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, last appeared at the anchor desk Monday.

Is Chris Schwartz married to Megan Henderson?

Megan Henderson Family

Part of her childhood was spent living in Long Beach, California, then moving in her youth to San Clemente, California. Megan’s grandmother is of Mexican-Spanish descent. Magan married Chris Schwartz.

How old is Jessica Holmes?

45 years (November 17, 1976)
Jessica Holmes/Age

How old is Kacey Montoya?

Kacey Montoya Age

Judging by her date of birth, the media personality is currently 36 years old and will be turning 37 years old later on this month.

How old is Megan Henderson?

46 years (February 19, 1975)
Megan Henderson/Age

How much does Sam Rubin make?

How much does Sam Rubin make? As the anchor in KTLA earns an average salary of $63,450, his earning exceeds the average salary for his long stint to the channel.

What city does Megan Henderson live in?

Megan was born in San Pedro and spent part of her childhood in Long Beach before moving to San Clemente, where her family still lives today.

Does Megan tell Mexican?

Megan is from San Pedro, Los Angeles & was born on February 19, 1975. She is the second child of the family, with an elder sister before her. Her grandmother was of Half Spanish – Half Mexican ethnicity. Though born in San Pedro, Megan actually spent most of her childhood in Southern California in Long Beach.

What happened Mark Christy?

KTLA’s Mark Kriski has been released from Northridge Hospital and is back home recuperating from a more than two-month battle with viral pneumonia. … “The surgery was rushed,” says Kriski. “It wasn’t a planned kind of thing. It happened at 9pm.