Who becomes president if the Vice President dies too?

If the Vice President is unable to serve, Speaker of the House acts as President.

How many times has the 25th amendment been invoked?

The Twenty-fifth Amendment has been invoked (used) six times since it was added to the Constitution. Section 1 has been used once; Section 2 has been used twice; and Section 3 has been used three times. Only Section 4 has never been used, though it was considered twice.

Who is next in line for the presidency after the Vice President quizlet?

What is the order of succession? President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, President Protemp of Senate, Secretary of State, other cabinet positions by seniority.

How is presidential disability determined?

Section 4 also allows the president to protest such a decision, and for two-thirds of Congress to decide in the end if the president is unable to serve due to a condition perceived by the vice president, and either the Cabinet or a body approved by Congress.

Can the vice president be fired?

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Who becomes acting president if the President becomes disabled quizlet?

How does the Vice President become an “acting” President? Sections 3 and 4 of the 25th Amendment provide procedures to follow when the President is disabled. (2) the Vice President and a majority of the members of the Cabinet inform Congress, in writing, that the President is thus incapacitated.

Who becomes president if the President and Vice President are unable to fulfill their duties quizlet?

The vice president has to serve as president if the president dies, leaves office, or is unable to fulfill his or her duties; and to preside over the Senate.

Who becomes president if the President and Vice President are removed from office quizlet?

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If a president dies, resigns, or is removed from office by impeachment, the vice-president succeeds to the office. ” In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become president.”

Who determines presidential disability quizlet?

legally state that the Vice President shall become President upon the vacancy of that office. presidential disability. determined by the Vice President and the Cabinet.

Who is considered the most influential Vice President in American history?

Cheney, often cited as the most powerful vice president in American history, ended his tenure as an unpopular figure in American politics. He is currently the oldest living former U.S. vice president, following the death of Walter Mondale in 2021.

Who determines presidential disability according to the 25th Amendment quizlet?

Congress has 21 days in which to decide the matter. Preside over Senate & help decide question of presidential disability. Section 2 of 25th Amendment- If Vice Pres is vacant, Pres nominates one-> must be confirmed by majority vote of both houses.

Who is the only president who was never elected as either president or VP?

Ford has the distinction of being the only person to serve as president without being elected to either the presidency or the vice presidency.

Who selects the replacement for a Vice President who dies in office quizlet?

What happens if the vice president dies while in office? The president nominates a new vice president who then must be confirmed by a majority vote in both chambers of Congress.

What official duties are assigned to the Vice President?

Other than to succeed to the presidency upon the death or resignation of a president, a vice president’s only constitutional duty is to preside over the Senate. Vice presidents cannot vote in the Senate, except to break a tie, nor may they formally address the Senate, except with the senators’ permission.

What happens if the president is disabled?

In case of the inability of the President to discharge the powers and duties of the said office, the said powers and duties shall devolve on the Vice President, until the inability be removed.

Who was the only president who had served as speaker of the House?

James K. Polk
Preceded by Newton Cannon
Succeeded by James C. Jones
13th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
In office December 7, 1835 – March 3, 1839

What president had the shortest term in office?

William Henry Harrison (February 9, 1773 – April 4, 1841) was an American military officer and politician who served as the 9th president of the United States. Harrison died just 31 days after his inauguration in 1841, and had the shortest presidency in U.S. history.