What was Dorothea Tanning inspired by?

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Dorothea Margaret Tanning (25 August 1910 – 31 January 2012) was an American painter, printmaker, sculptor, writer, and poet. Her early work was influenced by Surrealism.

What techniques did Dorothea Tanning use?

Dorothea Tanning explored the disciplines of painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage, design, soft sculpture, installation and writing throughout her career.

What is unusual about the sunflower in this surreal painting?

The oversized sunflower on the landing is strangely animated. A life-size doll leans in a doorway while the long hair of a girl stands on end, blown by the wind. These unexpected elements suggest childhood fantasies and nightmares, and echo elements of the Gothic novels that Tanning loved.

Why is Dorothea Tanning important?

During her lifetime, Tanning worked as illustrator, painter, print maker, sculptor and set and costume designer. She created a variety of art, from her fantastical scenes of the 1940s, to her more abstracted paintings of the mid-1950s.

Was Dorothea Tanning a feminist?

Dorothea Tanning and feminism

Despite her distinctly feminine themes, Tanning wasn’t keen on being called a ‘woman artist’ or indeed a feminist. This meant she was excluded from the reappraisal of female surrealists like Lee Miller, Frida Kahlo and Claude Cahun in the Eighties.

What mediums did Dorothea Tanning use?

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Where is Dorothea tan?

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Who was Max Ernst married to?

Dorothea Tanning

m. 1946–1976
Peggy Guggenheim

m. 1942–1946
Marie-Berthe Aurenche

m. 1927–1942
Luise Straus

m. 1918–1927
Max Ernst/Spouse

Where did Dorothea and her husband move to in 1946?

Tanning met and married Ernst in 1946, becoming his fourth wife in a marriage lasting 30 years. The couple lived in Sedona, Arizona, and then in France for the majority of their marriage. When Ernst passed away in 1976, Tanning returned to New York City. She has lived there ever since.