Which salvia is most deer resistant?

Sometimes called meadow sage, this perennial salvia has spikes of vibrant violet-blue flowers. Not only is it a deer resistant plant, but it’s also drought tolerant once established, is at home in the dry soils of rock gardens and is loved by hummingbirds.

Will deer eat purple salvia?

Salvia Is Deer- and Rabbit-Resistant

Tip: No plant is truly deer or rabbit proof. If they’re hungry enough, these critters will usually eat just about anything. Even poisonous plants.

Will animals eat salvia?

Wild animals are likely to find young plants particularly tasty. Although well-established Salvias put up with nibbling, it would be a big problem for plants getting established.

Are hydrangea deer resistant?

In general, hydrangeas are definitely not a favorite for deer. However, we would never consider hydrangeas deer resistant or deer proof. Taking additional measures to prevent deer from eating your beautiful shrubs doesn’t require a lot of work, and shouldn’t prevent you from trying to grow hydrangeas in your garden.

What do salvia attract?

Salvia is definitely one of my favorite garden plant genera. There are just so many colors and shapes to choose from when picking a salvia plant. These plants are hardy and the butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds love them.

What animal is eating my salvias?

Garden snails and slugs (terrestrial members of the Mollusk family) find Salvia tasty and can seriously them overnight. Slugs can be a real problem in cool, wet conditions.

Do rabbits eat salvias?

Salvia. Attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies, salvia is not usually eaten by deer or rabbits, probably because of its scent. Depending on the variety, salvia blooms may be cream, orange, lavender, pink, red, purple or blue on plants with green, gray-green or silvery green leaves.

Will deer eat salvia nemorosa?

The deer just can’t stand this fresh-smelling foliage. You’ll enjoy the early-summer spikes of colorful blooms year after year. Cut the nemorosa varieties back severely after first blooms for second flowering in late summer.

What is destroying my salvia?

Salvias often suffer when spider mites become legion in gardens. … As summer temperatures rise, so do the numbers of the family Tetranychidae — spider mites — especially if conditions are dry. They may appear to be miniscule nuisances, but they cause major damage to ornamental plants, including Salvias.

What is eating my sage plant?

Caterpillars, the larval form of moths and butterflies, are destructive pests that can strip a sage plant quickly. Hand-picking the plump, worm-like pests is a safe and effective treatment. Just remove the caterpillars and step on them or drop them in a bucket of soapy water.

Do possums eat salvias?

Best of all, she says, possums don’t like salvias, so they are perfect horticultural ”bodyguards” for species such as roses that possums love to chew on. This is the peak time for smaller salvias, which flower all year. … They are such versatile plants and you can find a salvia for every position.