Wiping off data from a Chromebook can be a long tiring task. This is a big and irreversible option you opt for this. Irrespective of the reasons for which you choose to wipe off data from Chromebook, you need to be very careful with how you choose to execute it. The following article discusses how in a convenient manner one can easily and safely wipe off data from their Chromebook.

  1. Reset All Your Settings

To begin with, wiping off data from a Chromebook, you need to reset or remove all your personalized customizations from your Chromebook.

  • In your Chromebook, click on the ‘cog’ icon.
  • As you scroll down in this menu, look for the “Show advanced settings” option.
  • Once you find it, select it and scroll down.
  • Look for the “Reset settings” option. You will mostly find it on the bottom end of our page or screen.
  • Once found, select this choice.
  1. Powerwash

Powerwashing is one of the most famous ways of wiping off data from the Chromebook.

  • It is an easy and speedy process of keeping data stored even after the data has been wiped out.
  • This process removes or eliminates all the data of the user that is locally saved.
  • All of this data is kept in a partition that is the stateful condition.
  • This is very similar to the process of resetting the Chromebook as to how it was a start.
  • Powerwashing has two methods- User profile method and one opted for as prior login.
  1. User Account Method

In order to powerwash the Chromebook, you need to have a user account. It is the most likely method used when it comes to power washing or wanting to wipe off data from the Book.

  • Look for the status area and go to the “Settings” panel.
  • Select the “Show Advanced Settings” option.
  • Look for the Powerwash alternative there.
  • Once found, select the Powerwash button, and select the option.
  • After clicking on powerwash you will have a dialogue box appear that will ask you to restart the PC. You can gather more information on the Official Site Help.
  1. Outside User Account Method

Under this method, one gets to wipe off data from the Chromebook that extends its ambit to the city. This is most useful when you do not remember your password or in cases, you have purchased your Chromebook second hand and the original previous owner has not removed or wiped off their own data.

  • Hit the enter key and CTRL+ALT+Shift+R to activate the Powerwash feature.
  • You will be provided with a very big screen that day that gives you the option to “Restart”.
  • Click on the Restart option and it will help in initiating the whole process of wiping off.
  • It is preferable to follow Google’s guidelines when it comes to ways through which you can wipe off and re-enroll on your previous device.
  • Powerwash is better for non-managed Chrome devices.
  1. Full Recovery Method

This will consume most of your time when it comes to wiping off data from your Chromebook. To undertake the Recovery method, you will need a different computer altogether. The biggest advantage is that it is a whole finished and complete process and you will not have any residual problems to deal with unless you choose this. This is most convenient if your Book stops working fully quite often.

  • Use an SD card or USB drive and reformat it. Ensure that it has at least 4 GB of capacity.
  • In your Chromebook, type “chrome://imageburner” and you will be given certain instructions to create a drive for recovery.
  • To enter this mode, press the keys Esc+Refresh+Power. Enter the USB stick or your SD card where you created the drive for recovery.
  • Your screen will provide you with certain instructions and you need to follow them. Your device will now install a new version on the operating system of Chrome.
  • Click on the “Done” option once the process is complete and insert the drive of the card in your Book. The device will on itself restart and initiate the recovery. Only when the pop up shows “System recovery is complete” and then only take out the SD card or USB stick.


  • The powerwash process cannot be undone so it is better for you to save al useful data beforehand.
  • It is advisable that once Book has been wiped off, you shall connect it to the Wi-Fi again and enter or log into your Google Account.
  • To undertake the Recovery method, you will need a different computer altogether and it is important for the computer to run on the Chrome browser.

You can as opt to take the recovery drive from operating systems of Windows, Linux, and Apple. For better guidelines regarding the same, you can check the website of Google.