To use a coffee maker like Keurig Coffee Maker there are available in different models.

However, the general operating system is almost similar with an only minute difference in brew strength and sizes.

Coffee makers have become pretty popular in recent times among homeowners and workplaces alike. Hence, it is better to know how to use them even if you do not have one. Here are some easy steps to use a Keurig Coffee Maker.

  1. Plugging in

The first step is to ensure if the machine is plugged in. usually, the power button is at the top right side of the machine. As you turn on the machine, it will start to gurgle and heat the water. You need to wait till the coffee maker is done heating the water.

Nonetheless, it only happens after the 2nd step.

  1. Filling the Reservoir

The next step is to fill the reservoir. The coffee maker from Keurig is known to store sufficient water for a few cups of coffee. There are some with reservoirs which can be lifted from the machine.

However, the other has static reservoirs where you have to pour the water. You will find the lid of the reservoir at the top left of the unit. Lift it and pour the water. It will make a buzzing sound created by the machine as it pulls the water into its heating chamber.

  1. Selecting Coffee

When you are done heating the water, choose the coffee that you like. Some machines have K-cups that are individual plastic pods that contain a filter and the coffee. Take the flavor you prefer but be careful to not remove the foil lid.

  1. Placing K-Cup in Coffee Maker

  • Take the K-cup and put it in a special slot of the Keurig Coffee Maker.
  • Lift the handle at the front of the coffee maker and you will find the coffee chamber.
  • Insert the pod in the hole and close the chamber using the handle.
  • As you close the chamber you will see a display on the coffee maker saying ‘ready to brew.’
  • In case your unit doesn’t have a display, the buttons placed at the unit’s right side for choosing the cup is going to blink.
  1. Placing the Coffee Mug

Now, it is time to place the coffee mug at the center of the machine. Make sure that you have a coffee mug of adequate size. Generally, a mug for 10 ounces of coffee is ideal.

  1. Choosing Mug Size

  • There are some machines which provide you with the option to choose the mug size.
  • In some, you will have to press on the button that says ‘brew’. Others will start with the process automatically.
  • In case you have used a Keurig Coffee Maker before, choose the smallest size to keep the cup from overflowing. Now that you have got your cup of freshly brewed coffee, don’t forget to remove the K-cups.
  • In between uses keep your coffee chamber open and also unlatched.

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