Wrestling is a famous physical sport that you can compete in school or at a professional level.

If you wish to get some wrestling basics, ensure you join any local wrestling clubAfter all, the objective of wrestling is to pin the opponent before he pins you down.

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How to Wrestle

  1. Ensure You Master Your Square Stance

The stance is the neutral place under which you’ll begin all the defensive and offensive moves. Begin from a standing position then separate your feet by approximately 2 feet. After that, bend your knees then slightly arch your back to make you ready to spring on any side.

Also, bend your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees then place your hands in front.

A significant alternative to this is making a staggered stance. Here, one foot is approximately 8 inches in front of the other leg, and it holds your weight.

Your elbows must be located between the thighs. When the elbow is outside the thighs, the opponent can under hook your elbows.

  1. Maintain A Reduced Centre Of Gravity

Ensure your legs are wide and maintain your torso on the ground to lower your center of gravity. Make sure your weight is distributed between your two feet then remember to stay balanced on your feet balls.

Learn how to move around while on a crouched position, and maintain the standards of wrestling position.

Maintaining a reduced center of gravity makes it hard for your enemy to topple over you.

  1. Understand How to Sprawl To Keep Away From the Enemy’s Range

Sprawling is falling to your hip from the stance to make you safe from a takedown move from your opponent. Immediately the opponent takes their shot on your feet, move down your hips then jump down again to one knee as you drop your hip on the opponent’s back.

After that, push his head down to the ground using one hand. This prevents him from doing a takedown.

  1. Build A Wrestling Attitude

In a fight, there are villains and heroes, cowardly tricksters, and brave combatants. Drama can be half of the wrestling fun and so, be sure to spend a good time building a pleasant character with a back story. Remember to memorize the essential information of your backstory to help you remember them during the matches then work them on your banter.

  1. Do Safe Wrestling

The main aim of having a backyard wrestling to develop some fun, but not hurting your friends. You can do some practice with your friends beforehand to make you understand how you can spar without harming them. Make sure you practice a range of moves such as counters, shoves, dropkicks, leg drops, and clotheslines.

You can as well make some contact but never add force on the contact as your blows can hurt. You can make up then practice for at least one finisher, but never make any actions that include slamming your friend’s neck or head on the ground. These can result in permanent injury.

Also, sprawl moves your feet away from the person shooting on you. This is an excellent way to defend yourself from the opponent and allows you to counter-attack.

How to Wrestle an Alligator

  1. Get Back On The Animal’s Back

This is the most dangerous part of fighting with an alligator. Never try to jump on top of his back from the front or the back. Perhaps that’s the easiest way to jump on his back, but it’s too dangerous. You can have a person to distract the alligator from the front side to prevent the alligator from turning its head behind to keep an eye on you.

Furthermore, you can remove the shirt or a towel and use it in wrestling the alligator. Start by throwing the shirt on the animal’s head then ensure you cover its eyes. Make sure the gator has no space to see as it reacts too slowly.

After that, draw a straight line on its tail, back and head, then get a running start down the line while staying leap and low on the alligator. Extend your hands forward. Immediately you land on the animal, press down with all your strength on its neck to ensure that its head is forced on the ground.

Most alligators open their mouth how human beings do. In other words, the lower jaws are the ones that move. The upper ones don’t. So when wrestling with the creature, pinning it on the ground prevents it from opening its mouth.

Furthermore, make sure you are high on its back, close to the shoulders. Move your knees to touch down on the ground as you squeeze the gator’s flanks. Your leg should pin its hind legs as you keep your feet from going to the ground.

  1. Get Control Of The Alligator’s Mouth

After you gain access to the gator’s back, it’s essential to have control over the mouth. Ensure you place both hands vigorously on the animal’s back, then press it down firmly using your body weight.

Remember, you are not going to injure the alligator, or else it will hurt you. Make sure you use all of your strength, but remember that technique is vital compared to brute force.

After that, rotate, then dominate either your left or right hand forward. Be intact with the creature, then keep pressing down as you move your hand in front to the middle of the gator’s head. Cover both of its eyes with your hands.

In most cases, alligators pull back their eyes on their skull; therefore, just moving close to them must be enough. Once again, doing this blinds the animal, and from this, you will be taking advantage.

After that, press its eyes with your weight. Once more, pin the head of the alligator on the ground to prevent it from opening its jaws. Move the other hand in front, then run it on the lower jawline. Position your fingers beneath the gator’s jaw until you feel a smooth skin around the bone. Also, with your fingers beneath the palm and jaw, and your thumb upper, grip the alligator firmly.

The alligator’s jaw strength is located on the lower stroke. It has no muscle strength when you want to open its jaws. You can simply hold its mouth then shut it using the other hand.

Still pinning its head to the ground, ensure you slide your hand that covers the alligator’s eyes down until you hook the bottom jaw. Now both hands should be holding the alligator’s mouth shut.

  1. Submission

After you hold the gator’s head down on the ground at a ninety-degree angle then move it close to your chest, it can no longer wrestle. Voila! You’ve just fought with an alligator and won’t the match.

  1. Move Away

Even though this is a tricky part, but after the animal has surrendered, its time to release it then make a fast retreat. Start by pushing its head down to the ground, then move your dominant hand behind into a position to cover the gator’s eyes.

After that, slide the dominant hand behind to the neck. By now, you must be in a place that you were in when you jumped on the alligator.

Throwing the alligator in front puts off its balance and provides you an opportunity to escape. With that done, jump behind then keep going backward. If you stay close to the animal, it can turn then open its mouth.

If the gator runs after you, run from it and it will grow weak and head back to water.

How to Wrestle with your Dog

While wrestling with your dog, it’s essential to remember some things

  1. The dog might not realize that you are going to wrestle with it if you are not used to wrestling with it. It will take time and study you first.
  2. Your dog can get carried away as you wrestle with it and nip you.

As you wrestle with your dog, begin by gently slapping the dog’s face, and sides then speak to it in a cheerful and low voice. You can also ick the dog then roll it on its back to make it flick its stomach. But remember, it can nip or jump on you as you do this.

Allow the dog to chew your hand softly. Never pull your hand away instantly, or else you will spoil the wrestling fun for the dog. Pull your hands away immediately it begins getting tight.

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