Sending postcards to family and friends is a great way to keep in touch.

It is also a more creative way to tell them where you are especially when you are travelling.

So, knowing how to write your postcard will help you personally and emotionally connect with the recipient of the postcard.

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  • Start by picking the right postcard. Always choose a postcard that represents your travel or something significant to you and the recipient of the card. When travelling, postcards can be found on the streets or at any souvenir shops.
  • How to write on the back of the postcard. If you flip the postcard over, you will see a blank space on the left and a lined space on the right side of the postcard. Start by filling out the lined space with the recipient’s information: full name, complete address including the area code, state, and country. If possible, use a ballpoint pen or a pen that does not smear. Write clearly and legibly so it can be quickly posted and delivered.
  • The content. If you are travelling, tell the recipient what made you decide to go there, the adventure and the interesting spots you have visited, what you have done while you’re there, and who you’re with. Or if you are just writing from home, simply tell the reason why you are writing her/him/them.
  • Make your message short and sweet since the space at the back of the postcard is limited. You can mention information about the image on the card, something thoughtful or touchy like “I wish you’re here with me.”
  • End your message by mentioning where are you heading next or if you are travelling back home. Add a little touch again by saying “I will see you soon” or “I cannot wait to see you soon.”
  • The stamp. Place the stamp on the box on the top right corner of the postcard. Stamps are readily available from the country you’re in like in the grocery stores, post offices, banks, or gas stations. You can use paste, glue, or simply lick the stamp to stick within the outlined box on the back of the postcard.

How to write a postcard utilizing the small space at the back

What to write in your message considering that there is so little room available?

  • Where are you? If you are writing at home, you can mention an upcoming local event, a new restaurant, or a new menu you discovered. If you are travelling, maybe you can mention the hotel where you are staying or what you love about your hotel.
  • What are you doing? Tell your family or friends why you decided to visit that and what you have been doing there. Or like telling them what brought you to that country or destination, and if you are with someone or travelling alone. If you are writing from home, mention some instances that remind you of the person who you are writing the postcard to; or you are just simply thinking about him/her/them. Simply state the reason why you are writing to them.
  • Events and Activities. Share activities that you have participated in lately or any upcoming events that you are excited to join. Talk about new shops, restaurants, or a newly discovered menu you want to share with the recipient on future visits. Or if you are travelling, give a little information about the photo on the postcard, what you love about the trip or your meal from this country or destination.
  • Food and Menu. Put on your message the favorite meal you’ve tried during your trip. Do not forget to mention local specialties and cuisines that you cannot wait to learn cooking by yourself. Include local restaurants that serve the best food. Lastly, you can mention table manners and condiments served in these restaurants.
  • Daily Greetings. Sending postcards can be a fun and sweet gesture that you can do any time of the year. Whether you are travelling or at home, you can send postcards to families and friends. Just sending them simple “how are you” and “I have been thinking of you” messages are enough to keep the connection, friendship, and relationship strong and healthy.
  • Local news. Talk about what is happening in your locality or the country you’re in. Doing so allows the people you love to be updated on what’s going on.
  • Awards and Congratulations. Tell them how happy and proud you are with your brother or nephew’s soccer game championship. Or how excited you are to see the new addition to the family, anything small or big that has occurred in your lives that deserve to be celebrated.
  • Updates and everything in between. Sending postcards is a way of sharing with the people you love a glimpse into your life. You can share anything about your work or studies, or anything that is going on with our day.
  • This may seem little but a very important part of your postcard writing so you and the recipient can reminisce about the event in the future.
  • Keep it short. Your postcard should be short and sweet. Close your message with “see you soon”, “love always”, or “I love you.”

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