The purpose of writing an introduction in the essay is to make it interesting for the readers and make them think about it. It should make a positive impact on the reader so that they won’t forget it. A good introduction can give the reader an idea about the whole essay. It is the most important part of any essay.

  1. Know the Audience

It is always important to know who is going to read the essay. The introduction should be so effective that it should attract the reader just by reading the first two lines of the introduction. But none of this can happen if the writer doesn’t know its audience.      

  • It is always recommended to write the essay according to the reader who is going to read it. For example, if the reader is a teacher. then the writer should write the essay in such a way that it will attract the teacher.
  • If the essay is made for vast audiences then try to observe how the audience is.
  1. Surprise the Readers
  • Give an element of surprise in the introduction. Make it in such a way that it automatically grabs the reader’s attention. Once the readers will read something they never knew, it will make them interested in the first place itself. This is what the writer should do. Make an impact.
  • Before writing the element of surprise in the essay, first, try to apply it to the people around the writer. For example, the writer can apply it to friends and family members.
  • Try to add any kind of statistical data. This will automatically attract the audience.
  1. Try Giving Good Examples

A good example of an interesting fact that is a complete truth will attract all the attention of the audience. It can be entertaining or even an interesting fact. All of this can work pretty well on the audience.

  • The writer can add something about an old habit about a particular person that can inspire the readers.
  • Try adding humor in the introduction part. This can make the environment of the audience better.
  1. Try to Provide Background Data

As the readers know what they are reading but they should also get the background information on the related topic. It is necessary for the audience to get the argument and all the points related to the essay. This can be implemented in the introduction.

  • If the topic is related to something, then the introduction should have all the important data about it and all the relations with it.
  • If their essay is written on an argument then try to elaborate on all the points and all the sides of it.
  1. Be Specific

It is always good to be specific about the topic the writer is writing on. The introduction should have all the important points from the general to the most specific points that specify the structure of the essay. Try to keep the introduction in such a manner that it relates the audience to a broader world.

  • Try to make the description of the thesis a bit more specific.
  • Try to draw the attention of the reader with the few lines of the introduction.
  1. Introduce the Readers

In many essays, it is a great start to give an introduction to your readers. Let the readers understand the scenario or why you have chosen to write the essay and so on. The introduction can be brief or a little elaborate based on your judgment.

  • Talk about yourself as a writer, and then move towards the essay and about it.
  • Mention the reasons for writing the essay and let them know what they are going to get out of it.
  • Do not get into stories that soon and gently talk about the essay.
  1. Speak with Facts

In many cases, an introduction to an essay can start directly with facts and numbers that tell and prove your point. For example, an essay on global warming can start with numbers, age, years and more. This serves as factual information and engages readers even more.

  • Talk about the quantitative information you have, slowly building the scene.
  • Let readers understand that the motivation is not just subjective, but is more real and practical.
  • Let readers understand the essay is about practical real-life things, and not about daydreaming. In that way, readers will take it with patience.


  • Always try to make a point. Every point that is outlined will draw the attention of the reader.
  • Talk about the improvements that the writer will make on that particular topic. Add that in the introduction.
  • Keep the introduction very short and simple. Do not use difficult words which will make the audience confused. This will ruin the interest.

How do you write a good introduction for an essay?

  1. Attract the Reader’s Attention. Begin your introduction with a “hook” that grabs your reader’s attention and introduces the general topic.
  2. State Your Focused Topic. After your “hook”, write a sentence or two about the specific focus of your paper.
  3. State your Thesis. Finally, include your thesis statement.

What is a good way to start an introduction?

5 Ways to Write an Introduction [Summary]
  1. Start with a quotation.
  2. Open with a relevant stat or fun fact.
  3. Start with a fascinating story.
  4. Ask your readers an intriguing question.
  5. Set the scene.

What are the 5 parts of an introduction?

The introduction has five important responsibilities: get the audience ‘s attention, introduce the topic, explain its relevance to the audience, state a thesis or purpose, and outline the main points.

What do you write in an introduction?

How to write an introduction to an essay
  1. An introduction is the opening paragraph of an essay.
  2. It should briefly introduce the topic and outline your key ideas.
  3. An introduction might also provide context and try to hook the reader’s interest.

What is introduction and example?

The definition of introduction is making something known for the first time, or formally telling two people who the other person is. An example of introduction is when you create a new product and tell customers about it in a commercial. A means, such as a personal letter, of presenting one person to another.

What are the 4 parts of an introduction?

Answer to Task 1: The four parts of an introduction
1. Introduces the topic
2. States why the topic is important
3. States that there is a difference of opinion about this topic
4. Describes how the assignment will be structured and clearly states the writer’s main premise

What are the 3 parts of an introduction?

There are three parts to an introduction: the opening statement, the supporting sentences, and the introductory topic sentence.

What are the components of a good introduction paragraph?

The main parts of an introduction paragraph of your essay are; attention grabber, topic description, explanation of the topic’s relevance, an outline the main points, and the thesis of the paper.

What is an example of an introduction paragraph?

Example. Here’s an introductory paragraph for a paper I wrote. I started the paper with a factoid, then presented each main point of my paper and then ended with my thesis statement. I lead with a quick factoid about comics.

What are 5 parts of a paragraph?

A basic paragraph structure usually consists of five sentences: the topic sentence, three supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

What does a good introduction paragraph look like?

The introductory paragraph should also include the thesis statement, a kind of mini-outline for the paper: it tells the reader what the essay is about. The last sentence of this paragraph must also contain a transitional “hook” which moves the reader to the first paragraph of the body of the paper.

How do you write an introduction paragraph for an outline?

The introductory paragraph should include the following elements: Background information: Enough information necessary for your reader to understand your topic Thesis statement: Indicates your paper’s topic, makes your paper’s purpose clear, and provides an overview of the three main supporting points that will unify

How do you end a introduction paragraph?

At the end of your introductory paragraph, state your thesis as clearly and specifically as possible. Try to fit in into one sentence, but use two if you need to! Topic Sentences: At the beginning of each paragraph, include a sentence that: 1. Tells the reader what the paragraph will be about, and 2.

What is the 5 paragraph essay format?

The fiveparagraph essay is a format of essay having five paragraphs: one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs with support and development, and one concluding paragraph. Because of this structure, it is also known as a hamburger essay, one three one, or a three-tier essay.

What is an essay format?

An essay format is a series of guidelines that determine how your paper should be arranged. It covers the title page, basic essay structure, essay outline, conclusion, citations, etc.

How do you write a 5 sentence paragraph?

A five sentence paragraph consists of a main idea sentence, three sentences that explain the main idea with reasons, details or facts and a concluding sentence.
  1. Brainstorm. To begin, the elementary student puts her ideas down on paper in a web centered around the main idea.
  2. Outline.
  3. Write the Paragraph.
  4. Look It Over.

How do you start a 5 paragraph essay?

Here’s how:
  1. First, write a topic sentence that summarizes your point. This is the first sentence of your paragraph.
  2. Next, write your argument, or why you feel the topic sentence is true.
  3. Finally, present your evidence (facts, quotes, examples, and statistics) to support your argument.