Rap is one of the few new things in the music industry. Rappers work continuously to develop something new that can amuse the audience. The lyrics of a rap song play a key role in the development process. In particular, it is about cohesion, rawness, and ingenuity.

To write a rap, you must focus on combining these important components. Although this seems a bit daunting, you need to work a bit harder to choose a topic and write an awesome chorus. Anyway, let us tell you how to write a rap. Read on!

First, you need to create a hook by using the potential titles. The hook is the important and catchy component of the rap song, which must stick in your head. For instance, if you can remember the title, chances are that you can use it as the hook. The reason behind this is its attractiveness and catchiness.

Make sure you repeat the hook again and again. Many rap writers add the hook at the start or end of the chorus. You can either add it at the start or the end. Also, you can add the hook both at the start and in the end. Experts think this is the best way to develop the chorus.

To make a hook, it is not that important to use your own title. You can play around with different words or phrases. Make sure you come up with something catchy and unique. This way, you can develop a great chorus.

Use Lyrical Rhythms

You can experiment with various lyrical rhythms. For instance, a good rap is around eighty beats per minute. This means you have to complete each beat in less than one second. Usually, there are eight bars in the chorus with the beat, especially on the rap quarter note.

Well, this means the chorus has thirty-two beats. Primarily, the lyrical rhythm depends on the number of words in the lyric. For example, if there are thirty-two words, then you need to rap each word on the beat.

Similarly, if you have fifteen words, fourteen words will go on the beat and two of them will last two beats each. There are a few apps that can help you track the beats. For example, you can use the metronome app. This way, you can successfully internalize the beat.

Focus on rhyming schemes

You can start better when you make the lines rhyme. For a beginner rapper, it is the best practice. Many raps rhyme the last word in lines that are back-to-back to each other. However, it is important to experiment with rhymes, which usually happen in the multisyllabic or middle of the lines.

Experts recommend rappers to use rhyme dictionaries, which is a helpful way to avoid the struggle of coming up with rap’s next line. Try to mix it up and don’t rhyme your lyrics every time. When you make everything rhyme, it will limit creativity and disrupt the flow.

Work on the Verse

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It is important to write the first verse. Usually, verses in rap have sixteen bars. Verses are two times longer than the chorus. The chorus lyrics deal with the theme of your song vaguely.

On the other hand, the verses’ lyric provides specific examples. Make sure you make lyrics for verses as they are telling a story. Here, the first verse of rap is the opening of the story.

Moreover, expert rappers recommend experimenting with the rhyme scheme and rhythm of the verse. You must experiment with them in the same way as you have done it for the chorus part of your rap song.

Add a Bridge

You must base the 2nd and third verse of the rap on the 1st one. Once you have written the first verse, you can easily make the other two. The second verse is like telling the middle of the story and the last one is the conclusion of the story.

In general, you should use the same rhyme and rhythm scheme in the 2nd and 3rd verses as you did it for the 1st one. However, make sure to change it up if it is not going in line with the overall theme. Again, consider the expectations of the audience.

The bridge is the last part of the rap that you need to focus on. It is like the chorus but at the same time, it adds new things to the rap song. The bridge is an important part when you consider modifying things musically or lyrically.

If you have other ideas, you can also them to make the lyrics for the bridge. Next, play around with various rhymes, rhythms, and vocal pitches. This will help you create a nice balance between them.


If it was easy to write a rap song, then everyone would become a rapper. The truth is that it is not easy. However, if you practice more, you can become a successful rap writer. If you have a good voice, you can even write and sing rap songs. Carefully follow the tips and tricks above to come up with an appealing and catchy rap.

How do you start a rap verse?

How is rap written?

Most raps have a verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, then chorus. The verse is a space to tell your story and its details. Sit down and write lyrics, or “bars” in rap lingo. Keeping your topic and the general structure in mind, you’re ready to write lyrics.

How many bars is a rap song?

How To Start A Rap Verse? A typical rap verse is usually 16 bars in length, typically repeated three times in a song and has less instruments than in a hook.

What makes a good rap verse?

A rap verse should be interesting, filled with lyrical and sonic twists and turns that keep listeners in tune. There are few things worse than a flat verse; predictable and underwhelming. Many rappers avoid this static approach through: Flow.

How do you end a rap verse?

How do you rap kids?

How do you rap fast?

6. Rapping Fast Tips From Twista
  1. Repeat the same Rap lyrics over and over and over.
  2. Understand Rap bars and structure.
  3. Pick the right beats.
  4. Record it until it’s perfect.

What are bars in rap?

The slang terms “Bar” and “Bars” are nouns, which is used in rap music and music theory to reference a line in a rappers lyrics. Every line in a rap song is usually considered a bar. “Bars” are usually used emphasis a verse or a line in a rappers lyrics is really good or clever.

How do kids make a rap song?

Can you rap faster?

Rapping fast is a skill that takes a lot of practice. The fastest rappers in the world can drop close to a dozen syllables a second. But it isn’t just how fast they can rap. Even fast rappers have to be creative lyricists and inspired musical artists.

How do you make a trap in 3 minutes?

How can I rap in English?

Make sure your words, rhymes and feelings connect to the general audience. Rap music may sound interesting if you better mix it with similes and metaphorical lyrics. Write down rhyming words to use in your raps. Have a freestyle with yourself before you do with others to build confidence.

Is rapping easy?

Rapping is actually quite hard. Getting rhythm, flow, meter, presence, projection, etc. right requires just as much vocal technique and practice as being a singer. You can’t just get in front of a mic, spit some lyrics, and expect it to SOUND good.

How do you talk like a rapper?

How can I get rap voice?

What is the most used word in rap?

To clarify, the study found that “love” was used 21 times out of ever 10,000 words; But love is used frequently across all genres, not just in Hip Hop. According to the study, the word “chopper” is used more by rapper than performers in any other genre, which is unexpected, but not surprising.