Credit cards reduce half the hassle of money carrying and processing and makes transactions an easy process. Chase Credit Cards add a bit more to it and instead of merely allowing you to transact cashless, gives you added benefits. These benefits are given by Chase bank and the cards they provide, need activation.

  1. How to Get a Chase Credit Card?

Card payments are an easy process but what if they offer more? Chase offers cards on VISA, MasterCard, Travel, Student Cards, etc. One can choose whichever he wants.

  • Apply for a card online. Choose which ever is suitable and click “Apply Now here –”.
  • If not online then, in papers fill the application forms and one then has to simply mail them.
  • In return, the bank will mail you the card which you have applied for. Activate the card and use it to gain rewards and benefits and so on.
  1. Sign in to Verify Online

The care so received needs activation so that it can be used hassle free. For that, you first have to sign up in the following way.

  • Open the browser and open the Chase Card website or simply type the URL present at the back of the card.
  • It opens a window with an option for a username and a password.
  • If registered with Chase Bank, give the details. If not, simply go back and enroll so as to get the benefits.
  1. Activate Chase Credit Card

The verification is done as mentioned earlier and for that, it requires the credit card number, social security number and the billing address and email. The next step is activation.

  • After signing in, click on “My Accounts” to select the credit card that needs activation.
  • Click, “Activate” so as to make it ready to use and then create a PIN and remember the number.
  • A notification on mail will arrive and the card is then ready to use. To get perks, click on “Use Points”.
  1. Activation via a Phone Call

For those users who are not adept with using internet need not fret as it also offers the method of phone activation to use the credit card. For that, follow the steps.

  • Call the number present on the card with the registered phone number as provided in the details.
  • The service members will ask a few security questions for verification of the user including the last digits of the social security number. Include the cash back bonus when the question is asked which activates 5% cash back.
  • Take off the sticker on the card and then sign it with a ball pen where space is provided.
  • The email and message of confirmation will be sent to you almost simultaneously.
  1. Benefits of the Chase Freedom Card

Though the card may seem like a mere plastic in the wallet, it has massive potential what with earning a lump sum of almost 5% cash back, this section tells the benefits of opting for the freedom card.

  • First and foremost the card has no annual fee to be paid due at the end of the year; it offers a category of bonuses that rotate quarterly.
  • Purchase in any of the specified category will earn 5% cash back and all other will earn 1% cash back.
  • In addition to this, it offers a welcome bonus which is a $150 bonus which activates after spending $500 in the first three months of having the card. In addition to this, if the swiper is a registered user, he may earn additional $25 cash back.
  1. How to Activate Cash Back Bonus?

The freedom card as mentioned earlier grants the user extensive benefits and bonuses to be used after each swipe of the card. The main question, however, remains as to how to activate the said card bonus so as to earn these so-called benefits.

  • Firstly, login into the Chase account provided by the bank and select the “Freedom Card” from an extensive list of cards present on the left side screen.
  • If the said bonuses require activation, a “Not Activated” icon will be displayed at the right side of the card dashboard. Click the blue “Activate” button to activate the said bonuses.
  • A detailed description of the bonuses will be on display. One has to simply click the green “Activate Now” button to avail the bonuses.
  • One can activate such bonuses via, email or phone or at a Chase branch or by an ATM.
  1. How to Maximize the Value of the Card?

The card is only as good as the user. It is up to you to maximize the card or rather utilize it to the max every quarter so as to earn almost $75 every quarter of a year. How to max the benefit? The following points tell how.

  • First is the grocery store. It is one of the easiest ways to maximize the card amount as the majority of such stores keep what are known as gift cards. Spend those to earn more.
  • Gas stations also offer the same as that of grocery stores making it a win-win.
  • Link the Chase account to PayPal account so as to utilize the benefits of both.


  • While activating via a phone call, the number must be the one registered with the bank and none else.

In case of any problem, the customer service number is provided at the back of the card.

How do I activate my new Chase credit card?

You can easily activate your new Chase credit card online or by phone at (800) 432-3117. Simply call, enter the last four digits of your card number and follow the prompts from there.

Do you have to activate Chase Credit Card?

You need to activate your Chase card before you can use it. The process is simple and can be done online or by calling Chase. The activation process may take up to a few minutes, but once activated, you can use your credit card right away.

How do I activate my Chase credit card on the mobile app?

Click on “My Accounts” and select the credit card you want to activate. You will then be asked to activate your card. Click the button and your card will be activated.

How do I know if my Chase card is activated?

Chase asks you to verify card delivery whenever you get a new credit card in the mail. This is the same thing as activating a Chase credit card. You’ll be able to use the new card immediately once you verify it. To verify your Chase card, visit the Chase verify card page online or call Chase at 1-888-489-7249.

How can I activate my credit card without calling?

How to Activate a Credit Card without Calling a Toll-Free Number?
  1. Go to the Card Activation Website.
  2. Enter All the Required Card Information.
  3. Signing the Card.
  4. Check If It Is Possible To Activate the Card via a Mobile App.
  5. Open the App and Register Your Card.
  6. Sign the Card.

How do I activate my card?

Many issuers also allow cardholders to activate cards via an app on their smartphones. First, download the app from Google Play (for Android) or the App Store (for iPhone). Use your phone’s camera to scan your card when the app prompts you. Enter any other information the app asks for and you’re done.

What happens if I never activate a credit card?

Your account is considered open from the date you’re approved for the card. If you don’t activate your card your account will still be open, you just won’t be able to use it.

How do I know if my credit card is activated?

Call Customer Service

The simplest way to clear up any question about whether your credit card is still active is to call the issuer and ask. Call the number on the back of your card to inquire about the status of your account. If inactive, customer service can likely reactivate.

What number do I call to activate my Chase credit card?

To activate your Chase credit card, call the number on the sticker on your new card or call Chase customer service at 800-432-3117.

Why is my Chase card not working?

Possible reasons why your Chase credit card was declined: The account used for the attempted transaction has a negative credit rating. The account used for the attempted transaction is a suspended account. The account used for the attempted transaction is a closed account.

How long do you have to activate a credit card?

In many cases, you have 45 to 60 days to activate a new credit card. Some lenders will reach out if you don’t activate your credit card during the activation period to confirm you received your card but this is not a guarantee.

How do I get my Chase PIN number?

How do I request a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for my credit card? To request a PIN, please call us at 1-800-297-4970 and follow the instructions provided by the automated system.

What do I do if I forgot my Chase PIN number?

You can reset the PIN for your Chase debit card by calling 1-800-935-9935 and requesting a replacement mailer to be sent to you with a new PIN or by visiting your local Chase branch and resetting it with the assistance of a personal banker. Unfortunately there’s no way to reset the PIN for your Chase debit card online.

Can I activate my Chase debit card without PIN?

There is a toll-free number 1-800-290-3935 on the stickers you can call to activate it. Another way to activate the card is to use it at any Chase ATM. You simply need to follow the prompts given to you over the phone. During this process, you will be asked for your new 16-digit debit card number and other details.

What do you do if you forget your credit card PIN?

Your online account: If you can‘t find the PIN paperwork, the next place to look is your online account. Search the card issuer’s online banking website or app for information about your credit card PIN. Contact your issuer: You can also call your credit card company to ask about your PIN.

Can I use my credit card without PIN?

You can use a credit card without a PIN. You only need a PIN if you plan to use your card for cash advances at ATMs or to make purchases at automated kiosks, such as you might find in train stations or parking lots, when traveling abroad. Otherwise, no PIN is necessary.

What is my PIN for my credit card?

A PIN is the four-digit code you can use for cash advances. When you first get your card, you are usually given the option of selecting your own PIN, receiving a system generated PIN, or declining a PIN.

How can I use my credit card at an ATM without a PIN?

The easiest way to withdraw cash from a credit card without a PIN is to visit a bank that does business with your credit card company, ask the teller for a cash advance, and present your card along with a government-issued photo ID.