Many men often woe the calories they put on that show as a pint belly after nights of indulgent drinking. If you wish to get rid of the same, there are some changes you can make to your lifestyle to get back in shape.

  1. Burn those Extra Calories
  • It is necessary to step up your exercise regime if you are seeing your drinking binges affecting your waistline.
  • One change that is necessary is to add on anaerobic cardio that includes interval training or sprints which are done with short and intense bursts of energy and with rests in between.
  • Hence, if you have been jogging for 30 minutes daily, you might want to give that up for some time and change the routine of the workout.
  • Cardio that is done as in interval training helps to burn more calories and can be done in less time. Hence, what you would accomplish with a bike ride or an hour of jogging can be replaced by interval training. The key is to bring in more effective calories burning in your exercise regime to step up the fat-burning process.
  1. Incorporate Strength Training

When you lift weights you strengthen your muscles as well as boost your metabolism rate. This, in turn, leads to more fat burning in your system, long after you have completed your weight training regime. Ensure that you incorporate strength training two to three days a week.

  1. Monitor your Consumption

If you are bothered about a pint belly then you need to cut back your consumption levels.

  • It is best to stick to one day a week when drinking pint. This beverage is loaded with crabs, it is necessary to cut down consumption of the same or keep it to a day a week.
  • Also, drinking a glass of water after a glass of pint it would help you control your consumption as well as keep yourself hydrated. When you drink water in between drinks it helps to reduce space in your stomach for other drinks or food that you usually consume alongside.
  • It would also be wise to switch to drinks like a wine that is more healthy and less calorie based.
  • Opt for moderate consumption of any beverage in order to have a more healthy lifestyle.
  1. Sleep More

This is something that gets neglected with TV being watched every night and most working men and women end up sleeping six hours or so. However, an earlier bedtime and eight hours of sleep will also help to work off the bulge. It also helps reduce the temptation of consuming late-night snacks and lowers stress levels.

In such ways, you are able to reduce weight gain and stress. Research showcases that adequate sleep leads to lowered stress levels and improvement in memory which in turn helps in maintaining good health.

  1. Improve your Diet

The pint belly that you feel has developed due to drinking binges could also be attributed to the kind of food you consume daily. Not only are the high-calorie snacks that accompany drinks harmful for your health but also, if you are prone to consuming high calorie based food items during meals, this could also be a reason that you are accumulating fat around the waistline. 

  • Hence, even if you are drinking or not, check to ensure that you follow a well-balanced diet and add on fresh vegetables and fruits, meat and whole grains in your diet.
  • Adding protein to your diet and replacing the same for carbs is also a way to reduce your expanding waistline. Not only does it mean lean meat but also high protein lentils, soy-based drinks, and food items, eggs and yogurt in your diet. These items consumed more in proportion, along with fresh vegetables and fruits will help reduce the need for carbs from your diet.
  • The protein-based diet also helps burn calories as the body needs to put in more effort to get energy out of such food items. The above points can help bring about necessary changes in your life for getting rid of a pint belly.

Is it possible to lose pint belly?

Can Exercise Eliminate Your Beer Belly? Doing sit-ups, crunches, or other abdominal exercises will strengthen your core muscles and help you hold in your belly fat, but won’t eliminate it. The only way to lose belly fat (or any kind of fat) is to lose weight.

How long does it take to lose a pint belly?

Overall, if they are physically active or their digestive system works well, the bloating can disappear in less than a week. In cases of alcoholic gastritis (inflammation in the stomach lining), bloating can disappear in under 2 weeks.

How can I reduce my tummy in 7 days?

Additionally, check out these tips for how to burn belly fat in less than a week.
  1. Include aerobic exercises in your daily routine.
  2. Reduce refined carbs.
  3. Add fatty fish to your diet.
  4. Start the day with a high protein breakfast.
  5. Drink enough water.
  6. Reduce your salt intake.
  7. Consume soluble fiber.

What is the fastest way to get rid of a pint gut?

Here are few tips to consider:
  1. Cut your portion size in half.
  2. Count calories.
  3. Eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins.
  4. Make healthy food swaps.
  5. Try high-intensity intermittent exercise (HIIE)
  6. Exercise more often than not.
  7. Sneak in exercise.

What’s a skinny fat person?

Skinny fat” is a term that refers to having a relatively high percentage of body fat and a low amount of muscle mass, despite having a “normal” BMI. People of this body composition may be at a heightened risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

What exercise burns the most belly fat?

Your first step in burning off visceral fat is including at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise or cardio into your daily routine.

Some great cardio of aerobic exercises for belly fat include:

  • Walking, especially at a quick pace.
  • Running.
  • Biking.
  • Rowing.
  • Swimming.
  • Cycling.
  • Group fitness classes.

How can a girl lose stomach fat?

To battle belly fat:
  1. Eat a healthy diet. Focus on plant-based foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and choose lean sources of protein and low-fat dairy products.
  2. Replace sugary beverages.
  3. Keep portion sizes in check.
  4. Include physical activity in your daily routine.

How can I lose my belly fat overnight?

7 tricks that can burn belly fat in ONE day (and we’re not
  1. 01/8Burn belly fat.
  2. 02/8Ditch white sugar.
  3. 03/8Include protein in your diet.
  4. 04/8Drink tea.
  5. 05/8Eat fibre loaded foods.
  6. 06/8Move your body.
  7. 07/8Avoid alcohol.
  8. 08/8Sip loads of hot water.

What exercise burns the most belly fat at home?

The most effective exercise to burn stomach fat is crunches. Crunches rank top when we talk of fatburning exercises. You can start by lying down flat with your knees bent and your feet on the ground.

How many sit ups should you do a day to lose belly fat?

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions three times per week. To burn belly fat, you need 45 to 60 minutes of high-intensity cardiovascular activity (running, playing soccer or basketball, jumping rope, power-walking, etc.)

Can I eat 6 eggs a day?

The science is clear that up to 3 whole eggs per day are perfectly safe for healthy people. Summary Eggs consistently raise HDL (the “good”) cholesterol. For 70% of people, there is no increase in total or LDL cholesterol. Some people may experience a mild increase in a benign subtype of LDL.

Does drinking water reduce tummy?

Sufficient water intake helps in flushing out toxins from the body and gives a boost to the metabolism. And drinking a glass or two of warm water in the morning can help you in losing weight and belly fat.

What can I drink to burn belly fat?

Summary Drinking green tea may help you lose weight by boosting metabolism and encouraging fat loss.
  • Coffee. Coffee is used by people around the world to boost energy levels and lift mood.
  • Black Tea.
  • Water.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Drinks.
  • Ginger Tea.
  • High-Protein Drinks.
  • Vegetable Juice.