Arriving at a breakup decision is quite intricate. And it would better be said than done. In most cases, the decision to break up with a loved one is never straightforward because you can hardly know the indicators of your failing relationship.

If you’re struggling in a relationship and it’s unclear for you whether to continue or dump the partner, then we must have had you in mind. Below are the tips to help you end an unhealthy relationship.

  1. You’re so Grown Apart

Even though it might seem reasonable for partners to drift, it shouldn’t be progressive as that would signal the end of the relationship.

If you find that you can no longer go shopping together, watch a TV program together, create time for each other, and other everyday things together, then your relationship has lost the meaning. And the next thing you should do is to say goodbye.

  1. Escalated Fights

Fighting can be one of the ways to communicate and resolve your issues. But if it turns into a daily event, then something is amiss.

And if you don’t walk out of the relationship, the fight might progress to brutality. If you cannot have peace with you, then you better quit the alliance for good.

  1. Lack of Willingness to talk about your Plans Together

Plans are what makes people live to their dreams in the quality of their plans. Now, if you cannot sit together and discuss your future, then something is absurdly wrong.

And there is a possibility that your partner doesn’t want to include you in his/her plan since the person has already omitted you from his/her future. Therefore, dump the relationship and move on.

  1. Low Level of Verbal Affection

You can feel the love from the words that your partner uses. The abundance of verbal compliments such as ‘I love you’ makes a relationship more than fulfilling.

However, when this kind of words goes missing, know that you’re no longer attracted to each other.

And if you hold on a little bit, most of your talks and discussions will be occasioned by insults. Therefore, quit the relationship before the situation worsens.

  1. When your Values get Compromised

Each person has values that define him or her. Regardless of the situation, no one should want to compromise the value of the other party.

Therefore when your partner starts to compromise your values, that’s enough red flag. Having it in mind that relationships are such a powerful tool that should uplift you and make you better than ever before, getting criticized than celebrated calls for automatic quit. Don’t allow yourself to suffer until it’s late.

  1. Infidelity

Unfaithfulness is an automatic signal that can instantly derail any relationship, regardless of how stable it might be.

When it creeps in, it spills off all the trust and loyalty that you worked hard for. If you encounter it once, it might be somehow easy to address and look forward to a change.

But if it becomes a habit of your partner, then you do not have any reason to stay in such a relationship.

  1. The Relationship Doesn’t Add Any Value to your Life

As the saying goes, “Two are better than one.” Therefore, you should experience uplifting in life when you get together.

Therefore, try to asses your relationship and find out whether it adds any value to your life. If you find that your value continues to diminish over time, then you’re better quitting the relationship.

  1. One-Sided Relationship

Ideally, every partner in an association has the responsibility of keeping the relationship active and mutual. But this doesn’t happen in all relationships.

In some relationships, one partner continually devotes to keeping the relationship active while the other does nothing.

If you are contributing more than 90% of your effort to the relationship while the other one gives only 10%, stop it and move on with your life. After all, you’re not the relationship, but just a party in the relationship.

  1. Your Partner No Longer Cares about You

True love cares. Therefore, each partner is responsible for the welfare or the other. But if you reach the point of ignoring the well-being of each other, then it’s a clear sign that you’re treading on slippery ground. And the best decision would be to end the relationship.

  1. You no Longer Have relationship

Enjoyable and satisfying relationship is one of the indispensable recipes of a happy and fulfilling relationship. And it can go without saying that it also plays a critical role in bonding between you.

If your partner with no apparent reason denies you relationship, then race to end the relationship has begun. That’s an enormous hole that can capsize your relationship pretty fast.

However, if there is any concrete reason for such an act, then you better listen and act accordingly.

  1. When You’re Kept a Secret

Introducing your partner to your family and relatives is one of the most significant steps. It makes them feel special among other friends. As a result, they’ll feel confident, secure, and more grounded.

Moreover, it will increase trust between you and add momentum to your relationship. But this shouldn’t end there. Instead, you should reach out to the other family and win their trust.

With such a step, you would feel exceptional confidence and work to give your relationship the best success story ever.

However, this may not be the same case for your relationship. But if the relationship is kept a secret, quitting the relationship would be the only option before the worst happens.

  1. When Relationship Anxiety Becomes Overbearing

Relationship anxiety is normal until it gets to extreme levels. If you love your partner, but still you doubt whether he/she would like you to your expectations, then this might eat up your love and passion for your relationship.

If the anxiety goes beyond your control, the best cure would be quitting the relationship as the anxiety would hurt your daily life.

  1. When your Partner Becomes too Clingy

If your partner doesn’t believe you can do the right in his absentia, then that relationship is a time bomb.

Some partners even insist that you don’t hang around without them and keep finding out what you do when alone.

If your partner isn’t willing to allow you to enjoy your freedom, try talking to him/her, and if there is no change in their behavior, quit. Or else, you will keep solving issues now and then.